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Medical Tests for Australian Visa

Medical Tests for Australian Visa

Medical Tests Required for Australian Visa

The healthcare system of Australia is the second best in the developed world, according to a study conducted by Commonwealth Fund researchers based in New York. With an aim to maintain high standards in healthcare, Australia has made it mandatory for visa applicants to meet certain health requirements. So, all those who want to migrate to Australia must undergo certain medical examinations.

Who needs health checks?

Health checks are required for all those who apply for a permanent Australian visa and those who apply for temporary visas. If the family is accompanying the primary applicant, all the members must meet the health requirements. There is also a chance that if a family member fails the health check, the visa is refused to everyone. In some cases, even if the applicant’s family members are not accompanying him/her, he/she may be asked to undergo medical tests.

Diseases for which tests are undertaken:

  • Tuberculosis
  • Hepatitis

Any other tests may be requested at any time by a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth.

What is the purpose of health checks?

  • To prevent migrants from bringing diseases/infections/viruses into Australia
  • To determine if the applicant has above-average healthcare needs and become a burden on the public healthcare system in Australia.
  • To determine if the applicant’s medical condition may harm the health of the Australian public.
  • To determine if the applicant’s medical condition will cause Prejudice of Access (transplantation, dialysis, blood products, radiotherapy, high-level nursing home care, etc).

What is the ideal time for medical tests?

To avoid delays, it is ideal to undergo the medical tests before lodging the visa applications using My Health Declarations.

The validity of the results of medical tests for an Australian visa is 12 months.


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