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Australian Partner Visa applicants need not travel offshore

Australia partner visa

The Australian government has announced certain temporary changes to bring down the impact of COVID-19 on those who have applied for their visas offshore but currently live in Australia. It means such applicants need not travel offshore to receive their visa grants.
Earlier, the applicants had to travel offshore to receive their visa. But now, in the wake of border restrictions, the Australian government has suspended this regulation temporarily. According to Australia’s Acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge, the visa concessions are expected to benefit about 4000 applicants currently residing in Australia. A majority of these applicants comprise those who have applied for partner visas under Subclass 309/100.
Australian Immigration
It is a huge relief for many such applicants as the applicant need not travel overseas. But they wish the government to make this change permanent, as it would help citizens and permanent residents save a lot of time and money as they won’t have to send their partners away for the visa.
The temporary changes to visa rules are applicable to Prospective Marriage (subclass 300) visa, Child (subclass 101) visa, Adoption (subclass 102) visa and Dependent Child (subclass 445) visa applicants.
The ‘fly out, fly in’ rule requires the applicants to travel offshore at the time of receiving their grants. The changes are expected to be implemented in 2021. The data from the Home Affairs shows that the highest number of applicants for Australian partner visa during in 2019-2020 have been applicants from India. Usually, this visa takes at least two years to get processed.
This change is in addition to the Australia government’s decision to almost double the number of Australian partner visa to be granted in the current program year. Almost three quarters of these visas will go to those who are already residing in Australia.

Australian Partner visa

The Australian Partner Visa under Sublcass 309 and 100, which is also called Spouse Visa and Marriage Visa, is a dual application visa meant for those residing outside Australia. At first, the applicants need to obtain a provisional visa under Subclass 309 and after a waiting period of two years, the applicant may apply for Subclass 100(Permanent Visa).
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