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Start a brand new life in Canada’s Northwest Territories!

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Northwest Territories is an expansive Canadian territory on the northern part of the country. With its capital in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories has one of the smallest populations in Canada. This place boasts of beautiful winters and summers with longer days.

Northwest Territories is known for winter leisure activities such as skiing and ice fishing. During summers, people here spend their free time indulging in activities such as camping, hiking and canoeing. The place has various bars and restaurants where you can try different cuisines. All these make Northwest Territories a much loved place. With such vibrancy and vivacity, Northwest Territories is also a great place to bring up your children.

Why Northwest Territories?

Northwest Territories is the best place for migrants to start a new life with their families. This place offers high standards of living with all social security benefits. High class healthcare systems, sophisticated education system and many facilities to enjoy life and various other factors make Northwest Territories a great place to live. The place also has vast career opportunities and the median family income here is much higher compared to many other parts of Canada. So Northwest Territories is a great destination for your career growth as well.

The people here have highly welcoming and friendly attitude towards immigrants. Here, people from different cultural and religious backgrounds follow their customs and lifestyle without interruption. It makes Northwest Territories a wonderful place where people with differently cultural identities live together peacefully.

Migrating to Northwest Territories

Employer-driven stream is the pathway for skilled workers to migrate to Northwest Territories. If an employer has a vacancy for which they could not find a qualified candidate who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, they may hire a foreign skilled worker through the Stream. Normally, for a candidate to apply to live permanently in Northwest Territories, they must first obtain a job offer from a Northwest Territories employer. Northwest Territories does not have a system to directly nominate eligible candidates. Neither the candidates can submit Expressions of Interest to move permanently to Northwest Territories. If you want to migrate to Northwest Territories, you must first apply for a job here through prominent job sites. Once you obtain a job offer, you may apply for permanent residence in Canada and move to Northwest Territories.

Sub-categories under Northwest Territories Employer-driven Stream

Skilled Workers

The Skilled Workers category allows employers in Northwest Territories to hire a foreign worker if they are unable to find an eligible candidate who is a Canadian resident/citizen to fill a vacancy. The candidate must prove that they have the education qualification, work experience and training to fulfill the responsibilities of their job. They must have work experience of at least one year and required level of proficiency in English or French.

Critical Impact Worker

The Critical Impact Worker stream allows Northwest Territories employers to hire foreign workers for entry-level jobs in the absence of eligible workers who are Canadian citizens/residents. To be eligible under this category, the candidate must have worked for at least six months in the same position under the same employer. They must also have fulfilled the conditions in the Temporary Work Permit. Further, they must submit the results of recognized language tests to prove required level of proficiency in English or French.

Express Entry category

Those candidates who have an Express Entry profile may move to Northwest Territories through the Express Entry system. The applications under this category are processed in a speedy manner and the candidates receive an extra 600 immigration points under the category.

To be eligible under the Express Entry category, the candidate must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  • Fulfill the eligibility criteria for Canada Express Entry
  • Have an active Express Entry profile
  • Have a job seeker validation code
  • Meet the eligibility criteria under the Skilled Worker Stream

The candidate must also have proficiency in English or French, which must be demonstrated with the results of recognized language tests.

Normally, a candidate can apply to move permanently to Northwest Territories only if they receive a job offer from an employer here. But candidates may also be admitted here for permanent residence through the Express Entry system. Contact us for professional support and more information on Northwest Territories and Canada migration.


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