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US dream is now a mirage, Canada turns a haven for international students

With the US laws turning tougher for international students, many of them are finding Canada as an attractive study destination. But to say that international students are choosing Canada only because the US is hostile to them will be an understatement. Canada is offering vast opportunities for international students to stay and work in the country even after they finish their studies. Their favourable policies Canada is keen about retaining global talents with skills, education and capability to contribute to the country’s economy.

The student can earn valuable Canadian work experience with a Postgraduate Work Permit and apply for permanent residence in Canada either through Canadian Experience Class or one of the Provincial Nominee Programs that give weightage to international students who have studied in Canada and have Canadian work experience.

One of the schemes that make Canada a favorable education destination for Asian students is the Student Direct Stream. This scheme is meant for the students from India, Vietnam, China and the Philippines. The Student Direct Stream facilitates a faster and more streamlined visa application process and the processing time under this stream is 45 days. Under the scheme, the student can purchase a Guaranteed Investment Certificate worth $10,000 with the help of Scotia Bank, a leading monetary organization in Canada. This will cover the student’s expenses for one year and cover the requirements of Student Direct Stream.

But in glaring contrast, the US has issued a Policy Memo on what they call ‘Unlawful Presence’. This will come into effect on August 8, 2018 and as per this memo, students overstaying for more than three months will be issued an NTA- Notice to Appear, as part of initiating the deportation procedure. If found guilty, the student will be barred from entering the US for 10 years.


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