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5 Benefits of Migrating under Immigrant Investor Program of Canada

Immigrant Investor Program

The Immigrant Investor Program of Canada aims to attract experienced business people from across the world to settle in the country so that they can contribute to the growth of the Canadian economy. The immigrant investors, who meet the criteria for the Immigrant Investor Program, along with their family members, can obtain permanent residence in Canada.

Persons who have owned and operated a qualifying business or managed a staff of at least 5 employees can apply for the Canadian Immigrant Investor Program. The investor must have a minimum net worth of CAD 1,600,000 and invest CAD 800,000 in the Government of Canada.  This amount is guaranteed and will be returned to these years without interest. The government will use this amount to create new jobs.

Now let’s explore the five major benefits of migrating to Canada under the Immigrant Investor Program:

🔴Political stability:

Canada is politically a very stable country. It has a parliamentary democracy system and has its own social and political institutions. It also has an excellent social safety system to protect its citizens from financial inequities. The country’s budget deficit, as well as the balance-of-payments deficit, is very moderate. It means the investors won’t have to worry about the safety of their investment.

🔴Strong economy:

Canada has the 11th largest economy in the world, based on the nominal Gross Domestic Product. The country is a member of both the Organization for Economic Cooperation and G7.  Canada has a sound monetary policy and as a result, inflation risk is very low in the country. The Canadian economy is much less volatile compared to the US. The global financial crises in recent years could only have a minor impact on the Canadian economy. A strong economy also means a better chance to make a profit for investors.

🔴Good trading relations with other countries:

Canada has good trading relations with other countries. Canada’s most important trading partners are the United States, China, and Mexico. The country has free trade agreements with Europe and India and is gaining access to emerging markets. In short Canadian products have a strong global market which benefits the investors.

🔴Booming industries:

The service sector is one of the most prominent industry sectors in Canada. The other major industries are oil and gas and mining, which are showcasing promising growth. Tourism, technology, film, television, and entertainment industries also record significant growth in Canada.

🔴Best social benefits:

Canada offers the best social benefits to its residents and citizens. Free and standard healthcare, free public school education, and pensions after retirement are some of the benefits that they enjoy. Moreover, Canadian citizens can travel to almost 150 countries without a visa.

Eligibility Criteria

Here’s a list of the eligibility criteria that you must meet before you apply for the Immigrant Investor program.

🔴Candidates for the Canada Investor Program must have two years of recent senior management or business experience.

🔴Commercial and professional business experience are examples of suitable business and management backgrounds, provided that the private company or partnership employed two or more full-time employees (not including the applicant).

🔴Farm management, internal organization, foreign government departments or agencies, and industrial management are examples of other enterprises that are related to agriculture. A portion of the management, planning, and control of the financial and physical aspects of the business organization would be included in the qualifying business for this program.

🔴It is important to remember that any unapproved work experience is not accepted.

Application Process for the Immigrant Investor Program

Once an application is accepted, applicants are typically expected to invest within 30 days of the approval. The applicant and members of their immediate family may apply for PR visas when the application is accepted and the investment is paid.

On the other hand, the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program applications may take 16 to 24 months to process. Additionally, a variety of criteria (mostly the quantity of current investor applications in a candidate’s regional pool) will affect how long the processing takes. The candidate and their family members may obtain Canadian citizenship within four years after approval. 


You can explore your company’s potential in Canada, a country rich in opportunities for investors and prospective entrepreneurs. Thanks to its foreign companies, the Canadian economy is flourishing. You will require the appropriate immigration routes if you intend to invest and expand your business in Canada

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