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Canada is world’s most popular destination for relocation, finds study

Canada is world’s most popular destination for relocation, finds study

Canada is the most popular relocation destination in the world, found a study done by Compare the Market, an Australian website. The study was based on English-language Google search terms. It found that Canada is the most desired for relocation among 50 countries in the world. The study notes that Canada is a diverse and multicultural country and very welcoming towards new immigrants. Further,   various aspects such as government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom and education make the country attractive for immigrants.

The study analysed the annual volume of each of the following search words on Google to find out that Canada is the top choice for those who plan to relocate to another country:

  • Houses in [country]
  • [Country] property
  • Moving to [country]
  • Relocating to [country]

Canada’s handling of pandemic crisis

The findings of the study echo the findings of various other studies conducted by different organizations. A study conducted by World Education Services (WES) earlier this year found that foreign nationals were confident in Ottawa’s ability to manage COVID-19 pandemic and take care of the sick during global emergency. The study titled ‘One Year Later: Canada’s Enduring Appeal to Prospective Immigrants in the Face of COVID-19, Comparative Analysis, August 2020 – August 2021′ observes that the country’s response to the pandemic kept interest in immigrating here high.

Fifty-eight percent of the respondents to the study said that the ability of the Canadian government and the healthcare system to manage the pandemic and care for COVID-19 patients increased their interest for immigrating to Canada.

Canada favourite destination for overseas studies

The QS Enrolment Solutions, in its Canadian International Student Survey titled Supporting Recovery and Driving Growth in Global Higher Education QS World revealed that international students who had earlier planned to defer their studies in Canada changed their minds owing to Canada’s pandemic response. The students who followed Canada’s efforts to curb the COVID-19 pandemic with a national COVID-19 vaccination program are confident that the country is once again safe enough to attend university and college in. Opportunity to work in the country after the studies is another factor that makes Canada the favourite destination for international students.

The students, after completing their studies in Canada, can apply for Post-graduation Work Permit. The Canadian work experience earned with this work permit would allow them to earn more Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) score points/PNP points, which will increase their chances for obtaining permanent residence status in the country. Around 68 percent of the students who complete their studies in Canada plan to stay temporarily upon graduating.
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