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Report recommends more options for low-skilled labourers to migrate to Canada

low-skilled labourers

The small business owners in Canada are finding it difficult to fill job vacancies, especially the vacancies that demand low-skilled laborers and they are demanding necessary changes in the Canada immigration system to find a solution to this labour shortage crisis, says a recent report released by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB).

The report points out immigration as a solution for labour crisis in the small business sector. But small business owners are facing a severe labour crisis owing to the mismatch of jobs they need to fill and the skill level of foreign workers who come to the country through Canada Immigration system. The small businesses often find filling jobs that require education qualification of a college diploma or apprenticeship more difficult.
The job vacancies that require a high school diploma or on the job training are also difficult to fill. Only a few occupations that face labour shortage demand a university degree. But majority of new immigrants being admitted by Canada are university degree holders. So they want the government to ensure that the skills of new immigrants more closely align with the skill levels needed by employers of all sizes including skilled traded, lower skilled and entry level occupations.
The small business owners also find the process of bringing in foreign workers and retaining them difficult and time-consuming. They want low-skilled labourers and temporary workers to have more options to migrate to Canada and reduce the red tape involved in recruiting foreign workers.
Small business owners also recommend an Introduction to Canada Visa in order to address the ongoing labour shortage. Under the proposed system, a two-year initial working visa will be issued to the labourers in order to work in a high-demand sector or region for two years after which they may apply for permanent residency. It will mainly target junior skill sets. The CFIB report further recommends making all economic immigration categories accessible to workers at all skill levels including trades and semi-skilled occupational categories in order to end the shortage of labour in small business sector of Canada.
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