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Canada to lead the world in using immigration to sustain growth

sustain growth

In the coming decades, Canada will lead the world as a country that depends on immigration to sustain population growth and economic progress. A study published in Lancet medical journal says that in the decades to come, Canada will attract more immigrants than it exports emigrants for the size of its population, compared to any country in the world.

The study predicts a decline in world population in the coming decades. A fall in birth rate is going to create serious social, economic, environmental and geopolitical consequences in many countries, including India and China. The liberal immigration policies that already exist in countries like Canada are a ready solution for the economic hardships that can happen as a result of a declining population, the study notes.
“For high-income countries with fertility rates lower than the replacement level, the most immediate solution is liberal immigration policies. Among high-income countries, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the (United States of America) have consistently pursued this approach in the past 30 years,” says the study. “As long as these immigration policies continue, our reference scenario showed sustained population growth and workforce expansion in these countries, with concomitant economic growth,” it adds.

The study, which was funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, says that liberal immigration with effective assimilation is the best strategy for developed countries with a declining population to sustain economic growth, fiscal stability and geopolitical security. Countries with fertility level lower than replacement level such as USA, Australia and Canada are expected to maintain their working-population through net immigration, as per the study.
“Our forecasts for a shrinking global population have positive implications for the environment, climate change, and food production, but possible negative implications for labour forces, economic growth, and social support systems in parts of the world with the greatest fertility declines,”  the study points out.
Scientific studies show countries such as Canada and Australia will continue to depend on immigrants to sustain the availability of labour force as well as economic growth. It means more opportunities for immigrants in the years to come. If immigration is on your mind, start your preparations right away, so that you will be ready to settle in your dream destination by the time everything falls to normal post COVID-19. Contact us for more information.

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