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COVID-19 impact: Will Canada cut down immigration levels?


Canada announced its Immigration Levels Plan for 2020-2022 recently, even as the coronavirus crisis was escalating in the country. Like most of the other countries, the crisis has negatively affected the economy of Canada and the threat of a recession is looming large. In this context, hopeful immigrants are worried whether Canada would cut down the immigration levels. However, experts are of the opinion that keeping the immigration levels high will have only positive effect on the country’s economy.

Canada stopped linking the immigration levels to the condition of the economy as early as the 1980s. Now the decision has proved to be a highly pro-active one as immigration has been playing a vital role in the economic growth of Canada. Canada’s immigration policies have always set long-term goals as their aim is not just filling the immediate job vacancies but sustaining the economic growth of the country. It means Canada has welcomed immigrants even during economic recession in the past as the country expects that these immigrants would contribute towards economic growth in the future. They also boost the Canadian economy as consumers and taxpayers.

A major portion of Canada’s work force would hit the retirement age in the coming years. As the country’s natural birthrate is too low, Canada will have to depend on immigrants to ensure the smooth supply of labour and sustain the economic growth. So Canada is most likely to retain the immigration levels high even during recession. Experts  believe that retaining the immigration levels high would help Canada recover from the impact of COVID-19 outbreak faster and promote the growth of the country’s economy.
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