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Canada immigration boost country’s economy, think Canadians

Canada immigration boost country’s economy

Most of the Canadians believe that immigrants are good for the country’s economy and that they do not pose any threat to Canadian jobs. They also think that Canada immigration is essential for population growth in the country.
These were revealed in a public opinion survey conducted by Environics Institute, a non-profit organization engaged in promoting social research on issues related to public policy and social change. A total of 2000 Canadians took part in the survey held between September 8 and 23, 2020.
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Positive views about Canada immigration

In the survey, many of the Canadians rejected the view that immigrants are not adapting to Canadian values. One out of five respondents thought that immigration made Canada a better country by turning it into a more diverse and multicultural place.
Around two third of the respondents rejected the idea that immigration levels are too high. The number of those who think this way has increased by 3 per cent compared to same time last year.
The survey found that the attitude of people towards immigration was becoming more positive in every population segment of Canada. This is the most evident in Alberta, a place with low household income where first generation Canadians live. People living in the Atlantic Canada region also share positive views about immigration levels.
In the survey, half of the Canadians thought that immigration was necessary for population growth. Around 70 per cent of those living in the Atlantic Canada region agree with this statement. Similarly, 66 per cent of the educated and high-income Canadians, 71 percent of the first generation Canadians agree with the same.
Further, a large majority of Canadian, almost 84 percent, think that immigration has a positive impact on the country’s economy. Similarly, 78 percent of the Canadians do not think that immigrants snatch jobs away from Canadians.

Reasons for growing support for Canada immigration

The survey assumes that the reasons for growing support for Canada immigration may include the response to pandemic as well as a reaction to the political instability in their neighbouring country, the US. Seven out of ten Canadians are in favour of Canada accepting skilled immigrants who are denied entry by the US. “And it may reflect a solidifying public consensus that Canada’s economy (and one’s own livelihood) depends on making space for newcomers, especially this year when the economy needs all the help it can get,” the report said.
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