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Immigration aspirants warned against ‘sophisticated’ Canada immigration scams

Warning against 'sophisticated' Canada immigration scams

The Canada immigration scamsters have turned highly sophisticated in their methods of deceiving gullible immigration aspirants. An investigation by Montreal Gazette, a popular daily newspaper in Canada, found that scamsters are targeting educated immigration aspirants using convincing ways to extract money from them. Those behind such scams are difficult to be brought before the law as they mostly operate in a jurisdictional vacuum online. Even when they are exposed, they just shut down and restart the scam under a new name.

To make matters worse, they do have a convincing website that lists vacant jobs and projects in Canada. They even feature testimonials from satisfied clients, who are not real.

In a particular scam incident investigated by Montreal Gazette, the scamsters were found to have stolen the identity of a real Canadian immigration consultant, registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), to fool the unsuspecting candidates. It is worrying to know that these fraudsters are using the identity of even Canadian government entities and businesses to fool unsuspecting immigration aspirants.

Falling in their nets costs prospective immigrants heavily in terms of time and money. All their efforts to move to another country with family go down the drain, which often push them to distress and disappointment and they even become distrustful of immigration processes. Taking into consideration the increasing number of Canada immigration scams, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) has set aside $51 million to create public awareness against immigration scams and fraudulent immigration consultants.

Warning signs against fraudsters

Here are a few warning signs against fraud immigration consultants, according to IRCC:

  • The consultant offers too-good-to-be true immigration deals, guaranteed entry into Canada, high-paying jobs in Canada, faster processing of application
  • A website claims to be an official government site but do not have a URS that ends with “”
  • You are asked to provide financial information or make a deposit even before starting the application process
  • The website has no contact information
  • The credentials of the company are not displayed in the site

How to avoid scamsters?

  • Contact the immigration consultant by either telephone or email or visit them in person before accepting their services
  • Read disclaimers, notices, terms and conditions before you do anything
  • Before paying for a service, clearly understand what all services and benefits you may expect in return for your money.

Why choose CanApprove?

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