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Canada added 246000 new jobs in August

Employment in Canada

The employment in Canada rose by another 246000 new jobs in August, found the Canada jobs Labour Force Survey. It means the employment marked an increase by 1.4 percent in the month, which follows an 2.4 percent (419,000 jobs) increase in July and 1.2 million increase in May and June.

Further, the unemployment rate in Canada fell by 0.7 percentage points to 10.2 percent during the month. The number of women who found new jobs in August was higher compared to men. A total 150,000 women got placement in the month, recording a 1.8 percent increase in employment. In the case of men, the increase was 1 percent, as 96000 men found new placements.

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Employment in Canada: Province-wise increase


Among Canadian provinces and territories, the largest number of jobs was added by Ontario and Quebec. Ontario added 142,000 new jobs in August, which means an increase of 2 percent in employment. The month witnessed the unemployment rate of the province coming down to 10.6 percent. The statistics shows that Ontario, which is also the most populous province of Canada, has now regained 93.6 percent of its pre-pandemic employment.

At the same time, 54000 new jobs were added by Quebec in August, which indicates a rise of 1.3 percent in employment. The unemployment rate of the province is 8.7 percent. Also, the employment in Quebec has reached 95.7 of the pre-pandemic levels. Among the western provinces of Canada, British Columbia reported the largest increase in jobs at 15,000(0.6 percent). The unemployment rate in the province was 10.7 percent in August and employment was at 94.1 percent of the pre-pandemic levels. Among the Atlantic Provinces, Nova Scotia remained top in terms of employment, adding 7,200 jobs, which means an increase of 1.6 percent. The unemployment rate of the province was 10.3 percent.

The Canadian economy is fast recovering from the impact of Coronavirus pandemic and more number of new jobs is added every month. This also opens up a lot of opportunities for foreign skilled workers, who wish to move to the country permanently for a better career.

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