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Canada Spousal Open Work Permit Pilot to be made permanent

Canada Spousal Open Work Permit Pilot

The Government of Canada has decided to make Canada Spousal Open Work Permit Pilot permanent, according to a recent announcement. The government has also decided to extend the Pilot program till the policy can be made permanent.

Canada Spousal Open Work Permit Pilot

The Canada Spousal Open Work Permit Pilot targets spouses and common-law partners of the permanent residents/citizens who are applying for Canada PR under the Spouse or common-law partner in Canada class.
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Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for applying under the Canada Spousal Open Work Permit Pilot include:

  • The candidate must be living in Canada at the time of submitting the application
  • The candidate must have submitted an application under the spouse/common-law partner in Canada class
  • The candidate must hold temporary resident status or must be eligible to restore their temporary resident status
  • The candidate must be living at the same address as their sponsor

Canada Spousal Open Work Permit Pilot, under the Temporary Foreign Workers Program of Canada allows spouses and partners to work in Canada while their applications for permanent residence are being processed. The open work permit allows the holder to take up any job under any employer and does not need an LMIA for employment.
Further, the eligibility of the spouse for Work Permit depends on the skill level of the spouse. A high-skilled foreign worker’s spouse is eligible for an open work permit of the foreign worker is authorized to work in Canada for at least six months.

In the announcement regarding making the Pilot program, the government stated: “Support for families is a priority for the government, and these measures ensure that applicants have the opportunity to work and contribute to the economy.” The statement further said, “The extension of these measures provides certainty and stability to spouses and common-law partners in Canada who are awaiting their permanent resident status.”
The candidate may submit the application for the work permit along with their application for permanent residence. Those who have already submitted their PR application may also apply for the work permit separately. Options are also open under the Pilot program to apply for work permit to candidates who have already been approved in principle for permanent residence without passing medical, security and background checks.
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