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Employment in Canada rose by 418500 in July

Employment in Canada

Employment in Canada rose by 418500 in the month of July, according to the results of the latest Canada Jobs Labour Force Survey. The unemployment rate in the country also came down to 10. 9 percent, as the Canadian economy is fast recovering from the coronavirus crisis. The unemployment rate in Canada has fallen by 1.4 percent in each of the two previous months. The rise in employment was 290000 in May and in June, it was 953000.

The month also witnessed more women getting employed, adding close to 275000 jobs which means, a rise of 3.4 percent.  At the same time, 144000 more men were employed in the month, which indicates an increase of 1.5 percent. Women employees were the hardest hit by the impact of the pandemic. However, in the case of men, the number of new employments witnessed an increase of 1.5 percent, which is now closer to the pre-pandemic levels.

Employment in Canada: Province-wise data

Employment levels rose in all the nine out of ten Canadian provinces in the month of July. The biggest increase was recorded by Ontario with 151000 new jobs. Now the province has 91.7 percent of the pre-pandemic employment. The province of Quebec also saw employment rising by 98000 in July and hit 94.4 percent of the pre-pandemic levels. Unemployment in the province also dropped to 9.5 per cent. In Montreal alone, 28,000 jobs were added after the restrictions related to the pandemic were eased.
British Columbia added 70000 jobs in July and saw unemployment in the province falling by 1.9 percentages points.  In Alberta, employment was increased by 67000 while in Saskatchewan, 13000 new jobs were added. Manitoba(12000), Newfoundland & Labrador (4,300), Nova Scotia (3,400) and Prince Edward Island (1,100) also witnessed increase in employment.
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