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Polls says Conservatives leading. What does it mean for immigration?

Canada Immigration

The results of early polls show that Conservatives are leading the Canada federal elections. As per the results, 33 per cent of the decided and leaning voters would choose to vote for the Conservatives, while the percentage of voters who would choose the Liberals is 30.

The Canada elections are about to take place on September 20. The ruling Liberals and the Conservatives are the two prominent political parties that contest the elections. Some of the other political parties which are vying in the Canadian federal polls are Bloc Québécois, the New Democratic Party, and the Green Party.

Conservatives’ views on immigration

If comes to power, the Conservative Party wants to introduce an option for immigrants to pay a fee if they want to expedite the application processing. They also want to have more surveillance on the interactions between immigration officers and their clients to bring in more transparency. The Conservatives also want to improve the credential recognition system.

Liberals’ view on immigration

The Liberals plan to remove citizenship fees if they come to power. They have also promised to take steps to reduce the backlog of immigration applications. Further, they plan to expand immigration pathways for temporary foreign workers and former international students. They will also be streamlining the temporary foreign worker program if they come to power.

Both the parties agree that the modernisation process of the immigration system of Canada has to continue. But at the same they differ on matters such as the Parents and Grandparents Program. While the Liberals bat for a lottery system, the Conservatives want to replace it with the first-come-first-served model.

In short, we can say that the results of the elections will have a significant effect on immigration. Aside from that, the modernisation process of the immigration system will continue for sure.

As the Canadian economy is recovering from the impact of COVID-19, they need more skilled workers and other immigrants who can fulfil their labour market and demographic needs. If you are a skilled worker who wishes to move to Canada, this is the right time to start the immigration process. Connect with Canapprove to know more about your options.

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