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Demand high for nurses, teachers and IT workers in Canada


As Canada is recovering fast from the impact of COVID-19, the country is facing a severe shortage of workers. The crisis was intensified by the shortfall in immigration levels, caused by the border restrictions. According to reports, almost 55% of the small businesses in Canada are experiencing labour shortages as of November 2021. It means they do not have sufficient number of staff to expand their business or meet new demands.

The two provinces which have been hit hard by this labour shortage crisis are Quebec and New Brunswick. In New Brunswick, demand is high for experienced workers in in the following sectors:


In the healthcare sector, demand is high for workers belonging to the categories mentioned below:

Registered Nurses

The main duty of registered nurses is to provide professional nursing care and deliver health education programs. Besides working in healthcare institutions and other organizations, they may also be self-employed. A University degree is required to qualify as a registered nurse. The average full-time salary is $74114.

Licensed Practical Nurse

Nurses under this category are those who provide patient care under the direction of doctors and registered nurses. Their service is required in hospitals, clinics and private homes. They need to have college-level education and their average full-time salary is $44683.

Personal Support Workers

Personal support workers are those who assist health professionals and hospital staff in providing basic-level care for patients, usually in an institutional setting. They also provide personal care and companionship for clients and perform housekeeping and other duties, depending on the needs of the clients.


Paramedics are those who offer emergency medical care to patients suffering from injuries or illnesses and transport them to hospitals.


In the education sector of New Brunswick, demand is high for elementary teachers, secondary teachers, educational assistants and educational counsellors.

Elementary Teachers

Elementary Teachers are those who teach basic subjects and train children for reading, writing and arithmetic. They also teach specialised subjects such as English and French as a second language at elementary schools. This job usually requires a university degree and the average salary will be $66878.

Secondary Teachers

Specialised teachers teach academic, technical, vocational or specialized subjects in secondary schools. Candidates for these occupations also require a university degree and the average full-time salary is $70726.

Educational Assistants

They support teachers and other support personnel in teaching and also help with non-instructional tasks such as personal care.

Educational Counsellors

Educational counsellors advise students on various aspects such as education issues, education planning, choosing a career as well as personal development.

Information Technology

In the Information Technology sector, New Brunswick has huge demand for computer programmers, graphic designers, computer network technicians and user support technicians. Computer programmers need to have a university degree to qualify and their average salary is $68456. At the same time, graphic designers, computer network technicians and user support technicians require college level education.

Other in-demand jobs in New Brunswick are:


  • Logging Machinery Operators
  • Sawmill Machine Operators
  • Silviculture and Forestry Workers
  • Labourers in Wood, Pulp and Paper Processing

Food Production

  • General Farm Workers
  • Fish and Seafood Processing
  • Food and Beverage Processing
  • Aquaculture and Marine Harvest Labourers

Skilled Trades

  • Electricians
  • Carpenters
  • Construction Millwrights
  • Heavy Equipment Operators

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