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Canada topples the US as the favourite career destination of foreign workers

canada topples us

A recent study has found that foreign workers are now finding Canada as more attractive than the US. The study was conducted by the Boston Consulting Group(BCG) and the Network. A total of 209000 respondents from 190 countries were involved in the study.


As per the study, Canada is the most preferred destination for foreign workers. Canada had high preference among foreign workers who had master’s degrees and doctorates, digital experience as well as those below the age of 30.

They are preferring Canada over the US owing to many reasons. The most important among these is the stricter immigration policies adopted by the US under the Trump administration, which have made immigration difficult for foreign workers. Another factor was how the US and Canada responded to COVID-19 pandemic. Compared to the US, the number of those affected by the pandemic was fewer in Canada. Furthermore, widespread reports of racial injustice and police brutality also led to falling popularity of the US as a career destination among foreign workers.

But if the political, social and health concerns are kept apart, the US is number one in popularity. About 57 percent of the respondents said they were fine working remotely for US companies. But when it came to relocation, they were reserved. Among the tech workers, 71 percent were willing to work remotely for US and Canadian companies.

Advantages of working in Canada

Migrating to Canada and building a career in Canada has many advantages. First of all, Canada being a growing economy, there are many job opportunities for skilled workers. Besides good remuneration, the workers in Canada enjoy many other benefits such as pension, free healthcare and free primary education for children. Canada is culturally diverse and a peaceful country. The crime rates are low. Altogether, the quality of life is high in this country.

Canada’s birth rate is low and the population is aging fast. Because of this reason, the country depends on immigration to sustain a healthy population growth rate. So Canada has a welcoming policy towards immigrants and has one of the most sophisticated immigration systems in the world to facilitate a smooth immigration process.

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