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Top 10 in-demand jobs in Canada for 2021

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A good number of jobs will be high on demand in Canada in 2021 and those who are possessing specialized skills have a good chance of obtaining employment in Canada in the current year, Randstad Canada, a human resources consulting firm, has predicted.
According to Randstad Canada, following will be the most in-demand jobs in Canada in 2021:

Customer Service Representative

Pandemic is one of the reasons that have made customer service representative one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada 2021. Customer service representatives are responsible for dealing with customers who are emotionally distressed, as such customers would want to speak to a real person who would be able to listen to and resolve their issues in a professional manner.


The pandemic has increased the demand for drivers too, especially truck drivers. These drivers are responsible for delivering medical supplies to hospitals and essential goods to stores throughout the length and breadth of the country.

Registered nurse

Canada had already been facing a shortage of registered nurses before the onset of the pandemic. The spread of COVID-19 amplified the demand of nurses in Canada with an increase in the number of those who require medical attention.

General labourer

The demand for general labourers is high across the country. So, general labourer is one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada.

Electrical engineer

Canadian companies which depend on complex communications systems for their operations are looking for qualified and experienced electrical engineers. Demand is even high for those electrical engineers who possess additional skills such as communication skills and writing skills.

Software developer

The increase in the number of employees working from home as well as the rising popularity of e-commerce are the major two major reasons for the high demand for software developers. So those who are skilled in coding, designing and building applications and websites are in high demand in Canada.


At a time when economy and the commercial sector are going through several ups and downs owing to the pandemic, the demand for accountants is high as ever. Accountants advise businesses on issues such as accessing government funding and financial tax breaks. Accountants also guide businesses in making important decisions about growth.

HR manager

As the pandemic has brought about notable changes in the job sector in Canada, the role of HR managers has become more relevant than ever. They help the management to create and implement remote working policies as well as health and safety policies. Further, they keep up the morale of the employees during these difficult times.

Financial advisor

The pandemic has led to financial insecurity for many people. So, financial advisors are on high demand in Canada. They provide support and advice to those individuals who are facing difficulty in mortgage, rent payments as well as debt.

Tech workers

The pandemic has led to labour shortages in tech sector also. Some provinces such as Ontario and British Columbia have high demand for tech workers and they give increased priority to tech immigration. Some of the major cities in Canada where tech talent is on high demand are Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.
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