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Canada issues instructions to holders of expired COPR


Canada has issued a set of new instructions for those immigration candidates whose Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) has expired. COPR means the approval for the candidates to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents. This document is issued to those who have met their respective immigration program criteria, paid the fees, and cleared the health and criminality screenings. Those who do not have a COPR will not be allowed to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents.

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What if your COPR has expired?

Obviously, you will not be allowed to enter Canada with an expired COPR. If your COPR is expired, you will receive an email from the Immigration Department of Canada. You need to reply to this email indicating that you are still interested to migrate to Canada. The immigration authorities of Canada may also demand new medicals or other updated information from you. If you do not respond, your file will be closed. It means you will have to submit a new application if you wish to migrate to Canada in the future.

Canada government has informed that the authorities have contacted all those with expired COPRs, which were issued on or before March 18, 2020. If you have already been contacted by the IRCC and asked to undergo medical check again or submit new documents, you need to follow these instructions and wait to be contacted. The Department has specified that you do not have to contact them again.

Documents to resubmit

The email from the IRCC will enquire if your family situation has changed. It means if you got married, divorced or had a new child. If there is any such change, you will have to provide the relevant documents.

You will also have to submit new documents if the ones you have already submitted have expired. These may include police clearance certificates and medical examination results. However, you need to wait for instructions before you undergo medical examination again. Once you reply to the email, you will receive an instruction form   from the IRCC which you need to take with you to the physician.

You will be able to travel to Canada once these processes are complete and IRCC issues you a new COPR and a new visa sticker in your passport. You will also receive the documents you require to travel to Canada.

Canada is scaling back travel restrictions and is all set to welcome a large number of new immigrants. This is the best opportunity for Canada immigration aspirants to realize their dream. Connect with CanApprove to know how.

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