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IRCC Issues 3,750 ITAs to Apply Through the New Express Entry Draw Held on August 8th

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The 96th Canadian Express Entry Draw was held on the 8th of August and IRCC has issued a total of 3,750 Invitations to Apply for Express Entry candidates. The CRS score during this draw was 440 and it is to be noted that this is the second time the CRS scores have hit the lowest point this year and is one point lesser than the previous draw’s score.
Applicants receiving ITAs from the IRCC become eligible to apply for a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa. This Express Entry Draw also has the tie-breaker rule applied, the date and time being January 31, 2018, at 00:06:40 UTC. This means that candidates who have a CRS score of 440 & above and have Express Entry profiles before the mentioned date and time, were invited to apply for permanent residence.

IRCC is continuing the pace of issuing increased Invitations to Apply. This particular year witnessed a gradual increase in the number of ITAs from 2,750 to 3750. The Canadian Government has issued a total number of 50,950 ITAs till date through the Express Entry Draws held this year and it is expected that CRS scores would take a further drop in the near future.
CRS Scores held for Express Entry Draws this Year

Date of draw Minimum CRS score
August 8, 2018 440
July 25, 2018 441
July 11, 2018 442
June 25, 2018  442
June 13, 2018 451
May 23, 2018 440
May 9, 2018 441
April 25, 2018 441
April 11, 2018 444
March 26, 2018 446
March 14, 2018 456
February 21, 2018 442
February 7, 2018 442
January 24, 2018 444
January 10, 2018 446

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