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Canada to welcome 432000 new immigrants in 2022, says the new Immigration Levels Plan

New Immigrants in 2022

Canada announced the Immigration Levels Plan for 2022-2024 the day before, according to which, Canada has raised the immigration target for the current year even higher. As per the Plan, Canada will be welcoming close to 432000 new immigrants in 2022. In the earlier Plan, the target set for the current year was only 4,11,000. The new Immigration Levels Plan has set an annual target of welcoming 431645 permanent residents in 2022; 447055 permanent residents in 2023; and 451000 permanent residents in 2024.

Economic immigration programs to remain on the centre stage

In the year 2022, 56 per cent of the total number of new immigrants will come to Canada through economic immigration programs such as Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program and Temporary to Permanent Residence Stream. Among these, PNP is going to play a major part in 2022 as a total of 83500 newcomers are expected come through this category. Family class will comprise around 24 per cent of the admissions in 2022, with 80,000 new immigrants to move to the country through Spouses, Partners and Children Program and 25000 new immigrants coming to the country under the Parents and Grandparents Program(PGP). For 2022, the PGP admission targets have been increased slightly by 2500, compared to the previous year.

Annual Immigration Levels Plan of Canada

The Annual Immigration Plan outlines how many immigrants will be welcomed under various federal, provincial and territorial programs. Canada usually announces its immigration levels plan by November 1 of every year, when Parliament is sitting. But the Plan was not announced last year as the elections were held in September.

Canada immigration targets in previous years

Until 2015, Canada used to welcome only 250000 new immigrants every year. In 2016, Canada announced that it will be welcoming 300,000 newcomers. Though the target set for 2020 was 340000, the country could welcome only fewer than 200000 new immigrants in 2020. However, in the Immigration Levels Plan announced in October 2020, the annual target was set at more than 400,000 new immigrants as immigrants were required to support the post-pandemic recovery of the country. In 2021, Canada set a new record by welcoming 405000 new permanent residents. Last year, 62 percent of the immigrants were welcomed through the economic class programs. Around 20 per cent were admitted through family class programs.

As far as Canada is concerned, immigration is a solution to many of their economic and demographic challenges. Canada is a country with low natural birth rate and a population which is aging fast. Canada needs skilled workers to support its economic growth and to pay taxes with which the government provides important social services such as healthcare and education. Another challenge which Canada aims to overcome with immigration is the labour shortage, which is now intensified by the pandemic, an aging population and fewer immigrants arriving from abroad.

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