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Canada’s efficient pandemic response boosts interest in immigration

Canada's Pandemic Response

Aspiring immigrants are finding Canada’s ability to manage COVID-19 crisis appealing and it is one of the major reasons why the interest in Canada immigration remains high. The country is responding to the pandemic crisis with a strategy marked with optimism and caution. Furthermore, it successfully implemented the vaccination program, which is being seen as a major achievement by prospective immigrants.

Canada’s effective health and economic policies during the pandemic helped to reduce the impact on the country’s citizens and permanent residents. So, when the restrictions were lifted one by one, the Canadian economy rebounded, generating more jobs and opportunities. In fact this has created a huge demand for workers, scaling up the scope of prospective immigrants. The unemployment rates in the country are fast coming down, which is another positive sign.

All these were made possible by strategic policies of Canada, which could keep the economy floating despite the severe impact of the pandemic. Even during those days when the prospective immigrants were worried about their future, Canada reiterated their determination to promote immigration. Canada sees immigration as a solution to many of their demographic and economic challenges. Its population is aging fast so it needs younger skilled workers who can contribute their skills to the development of various industries. Furthermore, young residents contribute to Canadian economy in many ways such as taxes, higher level of spending etc. Their contribution is pivotal of sustaining the public health system on which the older generation will have to depend on largely.

The study report released by World Education Services or WES, titled One Year Later: Canada’s Enduring Appeal to Prospective Immigrants in the Face of COVID-19, Comparative Analysis, August 2020 – August 2021, found that Canada’s successful vaccination program increased the confidence of international students. It has also boosted the determination of aspiring immigrants to go ahead with their immigration process.

A majority of the respondents in the study said that they were more interested in immigrating to Canada, because of the ability of the Canadian government and healthcare system to manage the pandemic and care for COVID-19 patients.

Furthermore, Canada did not let the pandemic to affect its immigration target. In 2021, Canada set a record by welcoming 401000 new immigrants to the country. In the same year, the Express Entry system of Canada invited the largest number of applicants in its history, by setting a new record.

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