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Canada to spend more on pre-arrival settlement services for immigrants

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The Canadian federal government has decided to increase funding for the pre-arrival settlement services for immigrants to the country. With this move, Canada is aiming to improve the ability of new immigrants to settle in the country and find suitable jobs as soon as possible.

According to Canada Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, the country will provide a combined $113 million to 16 organizations to offer immigration and settlement support services both online and in person during a time period ending in 2023.These organizations will provide employment services to the immigrants in their respective countries of origin which will improve the job prospects of the immigrants.

The organizations will also guide the immigrants to apply for the job licenses and professional qualifications they need to acquire before landing in Canada. The in-person assistance in will be offered mainly China, India and Philippines. Another pilot project for supporting Francophone candidates is also being implemented in Morocco. According to Ahmed Hussen, pre-arrival settlement services would make the entry of immigrants to the Canadian job market quicker and smoother. The services offered by the organizations will be divided into three categories–economic and family class immigrants, Francophone immigrants, and refugees.

A major organization that would receive $22.4 million of the funding is S.U.C.C.E.S.S, a non-profit social service agency based in British Columbia. Starting from 2008, S.U.C.C.E.S.S has served almost 14,800 newcomers to Canada from 120 countries providing pre-arrival settlement services to them.

According to new data from Statistics Canada, employment gap between new immigrants and Canadian-born workers is narrowing further and immigrants currently constitute a significant percentage of the Canadian labor force.

Canada is calling eligible immigrants with skills and qualifications required in the country’s labor market. If you aspire to build a new career and life in Canada, don’t hesitate to take the first step. Contact us for any assistance and information

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