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Quarantine requirements for foreign travellers in Canada

Quarantine requirements

After lockdowns imposed in the wake of coronavirus pandemic Canada has eased border restrictions for more groups of foreign travellers. However, those who are allowed to enter Canada these days must meet the quarantine requirements put in place by the Canadian government.
Before crossing the Canadian border, the traveller must be able to answer the following questions:

  • Do you have any accommodation where you will be able to quarantine for 14 days?
  • Are there vulnerable persons at the location where you are planning to quarantine once you arrive in Canada?
  • Have you made arrangements for food, medication and other essentials to be delivered at the place where you undergo quarantine?

In order to travel to Canada, you must be able to convince the officers that you will have access to all basic needs while you are in quarantine. During the quarantine period, you must not also have access to vulnerable persons with pre-existing medical conditions as well as elders above the age of 65.
If the traveller does not have a suitable quarantine plan, yet allowed entry into the country, they will be referred to a public health agency staff member, who will send them to a government-approved facility.
Those travelling to Canada need to fill in a Traveller Contact Information Form. The information provided on the form will be handed over to the Public Health Agency of Canada for monitoring and enforcing the quarantine requirement. The Public Health Agency may share this information with provincial authorities and law enforcement if needed. Those who do not follow quarantine requirements may face fines or jail time.


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