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Why Indians fare better in Express Entry?

Express Entry Draw

According to the Express Entry Year-end Report for 2019, almost half of all Invitations to Apply for permanent residence in Canada issued under Express Entry in the year went to Indian candidates. For the past three years, India has been remaining the top-most source country for Express Entry immigration. In 2019, Indians constituted almost 47.2 percent of all who received ITAs issued through Express Entry.
In this context, one must remember that the immigration system of Canada is highly democratic and does not give preference to any particular group of candidates. Irrespective of this, Indians received 36308 invitations in 2017 and 41678 invitations in 2018. In 2019, the number of Indians who received Express Entry ITAs was 40,275.

Why Indians always remain on top?

Though it is difficult to point out exactly why Indians get highest priority in Express Entry draws, immigration experts point out certain factors that work in favor of Indians.
First of all, we must consider the fact that the number of Indians who prefer to migrate to Canada is high.  The major reasons are high quality of life in Canada as well as a robust immigration system that allows the immigrants to bring their families along. Another reason is that Canada already has a diverse population that has many Indo-Canadian communities.

Tech immigration from India

Further, most Indian nationals receive the invitations to apply for Canada immigration through the Express Entry program, which is a skilled immigration program. One of the reasons why Indians increasingly choose to migrate to Canada is because of high employment prospects.

India has a booming tech sector and tech workers have high demand in Canada. This is evident in the fact that the highest number of invitations were issued to candidates with work experience in the following occupations:
2173: Software engineers and designers
2171: Information systems analysts and consultants
2174: Computer programmers and interactive media developers
If this trend continues, Indians will soon comprise half of all Express Entry candidates soon. Further, with the US banning most of the temporary work visas, more and more Indian skilled workers will be turning to Canada as a better option for a North American lifestyle. If the US continues its policy of restricting immigration, we could see the percentage of Indians immigrating to the US increasing further.
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