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Toronto, Vancouver witness record-breaking immigration growth

Toronto and Vancouver

The Canadian cities of Toronto and Vancouver are attracting a higher number of immigrants compared to other major immigrant-receiving cities in North America that include New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Washington DC. This incredible growth in immigration in the two Canadian cities is partially owing to the country welcoming a record high number of new permanent residents in 2019. Quebec reducing its immigration levels by 20 percent is yet another reason why more immigrants chose Toronto and Vancouver. Only a fewer number of immigrants moved to Montreal in 2019 because of immigration levels cut by Quebec. The US tightening is immigration rules was yet another significant reason for the rise in the number of immigrants settling in Toronto and Vancouver.
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Though Canada is a big country, most of the immigrants prefer to settle in one of its big cities. 16 out of 20 new immigrants who came to British Columbia in 2019 chose to settle in Metro Vancouver, while only 1 in 20 immigrants settled in the Greater Victoria region. Though Metro Vancouver has a relatively smaller population size of 2.2 million, the city is projected to be the fifth-highest immigrant-receiving city in North America, said Jack Jedwab, President, Metropolis Canada.
As a record number of new immigrants (117,000) moved to Greater Toronto in 2019, the city’s population grew by 1.9 per cent. With 40,020 new immigrants having moved to Metro Vancouver, the city’s population also grew by 1.6 percent.
The immigration growth rate of Toronto and Vancouver was assessed without taking into account temporary work permit and study permit holders.
The overall immigration levels of Canada witnessed and incredible rise in 2019, as 341,000 new permanent residents moved to the country. The number of new permanent residents who arrived in Canada in the year 2015 was only 271,000.
The proportion of immigrants from India also doubled in 2019. One in four of all new immigrants to Canada in the year was Indian.
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