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Unemployment rate in Canada hits record low

Unemployment rate in Canada

The Canadian economy, which is bouncing back from the impact of the pandemic, has created numerous job vacancies and the unemployment rate in the country has hit a record low of 5.1%. According the results of the most recent Labour Force Survey, a total of 39800 new jobs were created in Canada in the month of May. In the same month, a total of 135000 persons got new full-time jobs. The highest number of these jobs was obtained by women candidates.

Canada needs more immigrants

At the same time, record level of unemployment also indicates that there are not enough workers in Canada to fill the job vacancies and the employers are struggling to find the right candidates. As the Canadian population is aging fast, the number of employees retiring in Canada will be higher than the new workers entering the labour force, according to economist Sean Adams. So he predicts that the unemployment rates are going to remain even low. So the labour shortage crisis would only get worse, which is actually a good news for those who are seeking to work in Canada.

Canada to welcome high number of immigrants in 2022

Canada is looking forward to tackle the shortage of labour by welcoming more immigrants to the country. In 2022, Canada would be admitting 431645 new permanent residents, as per the latest Annual Immigration Levels Plan. So far, the country has admitted 114000 new permanent residents, which means it is right on track to welcome a high number of immigrants. Canada needs even more immigrants to meet its demographic and labour market needs and that is the reason why it is planning to welcome even more immigrants in the coming few years.

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Migrate to Canada from India

Indian immigrants comprise a major part of the immigrants welcomed by Canada every years. Canada offers a lot of benefits to those become permanent residents in the country. High standards of living, better pay, more career opportunities, free healthcare and free school education for children are just a few among these.

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