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Why is Canada the best destination for immigration?

best destination for immigration

Canada is the top nation for immigration in the world, according to Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index of 2021. People from countries across the world find Canada an ideal destination to settle in owing to many reasons. Canada has a stable economy and government, more career opportunities, better living standards and ensures good future for children with a world-class education system.
pnp finderNow let’s explore the major factors that make Canada the best destination for immigration:

Job opportunities in Canada

As the Canadian economy is recovering from the impact of the pandemic, the country is facing a serious shortage of labourers. Unemployment rates are at record lows and a high number of job positions are lying vacant. According to reports, around 900,000 jobs remain vacant in Canada owing to the shortage of labourers in the country. It is also interesting to note that by the end of 2021, the Canada’s GDP grew 6.7%, exceeding the GDP growth rate of pre-pandemic time, which was 6.5%. So Canada needs more immigrant workers to sustain this level of economic growth.

Stability and peace

Canada has a stable democracy and a growing economy. Besides, crime rates in the country are significantly low. So many people choose to move to Canada, especially families with young children, as they would be able to raise their children in a peaceful and progressive environment. Canada also has a multicultural environment and people from around 200 countries belonging to different races, religions and cultures live peacefully in Canada.

Free healthcare for residents and citizens

Free healthcare to citizens and permanent residents is another major factor that makes Canada attractive. Each province and territory in Canada has their own healthcare program for permanent residents and citizens. This facility allows Canadian permanent residents and citizens to have access to most of the medical and emergency services free of cost.

Quality education

Primary school education is free in Canada for the children of permanent residents and citizens. But the quality of this education system is one of the best in the world. Canada also has a number of colleges and universities which are high in world rankings. Some of these universities are University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University and McMaster University. These institutions offer advanced education in a variety of streams, equipping students to build a strong and promising career in their chosen field.

Immigrant friendly policies

Canada has a low rate of population growth and the number of senior citizens past their employable age in rising fast in the country. So Canada needs more immigrants to meet its demographic and economic goals. Canada offers a variety of immigration programs to help eligible candidates to migrate to the country. The country has more than 100 economic immigration programs alone. These include Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs. Canada also provides support for new immigrants to settle in the country. Around $1.7 billion CAD is set aside every year by Canada to provide support services for new immigrants.

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