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IT workers and health professionals in demand in Nova Scotia

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COVID-19 has affected the labour market of the province of Nova Scotia, just like that of any other province or territory in Canada. While some sectors saw an exponential growth in demand for workers, others saw workers losing their jobs owing to low demand. One such sector that was badly affected by the pandemic was hospitality sector. At the same time, health and IT sectors saw an increase in demand for skilled workers.

The jobs which increased in demand during the time of pandemic in Nova Scotia are as follows:

  1. Business, finance and administration jobs

The pandemic did not affect the jobs in sectors like business, finance and administration much in Nova Scotia. The jobs in these sectors, which are still in demand include:

  • Financial auditors and accountants (NOC 1111)
  • Administrative officers (NOC 1221)
  • Administrative assistants (NOC 1241)
  • General office support workers (NOC 1411)
  1. Natural and applied sciences and related jobs

The jobs in this sector were not much affected by COVID-19 either. Many workers continued to work practising social distancing and many others could work remotely. Especially the jobs related to computer and information systems saw a steady increase in Nova Scotia. Some of the most in-demand jobs in this sector are:

  • Information systems analysts and consultants (NOC 2171)
  • Software engineers and designers (NOC 2173)
  • Computer programmers and interactive media developers (NOC 2174)
  • Deck officers, water transport (NOC 2273)
  • User support technicians (NOC 2282)
  1. Health jobs

According to statistics, almost one tenth of the workers in Nova Scotia are employed in the health sector. The high demand for these jobs existed even before the pandemic. The main reasons were the aging population of the province and an increased demand for home care. The pandemic caused the demand increasing even further.

Some of the jobs that increased in demand in Nova Scotia following the pandemic are:

  • Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses (NOC 3012)
  • Licensed practical nurses (NOC 3233)
  • Massage therapists (NOC 3236)
  • Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates (NOC 3413)
  1. Trades, transport and equipment operators and related jobs

The demand for skilled workers in the construction sector remained high even during the pandemic. The less specialized construction jobs like carpenters, labourers and helpers was also high in demand and it is likely to remain so in the future. Specialized tradespersons and heavy equipment operators are also likely to remain in demand.

Immigrate to Canada

Not only in Nova Scotia, but in other provinces and territories of Canada aiso, skilled workers are in high demand. If you are eligible, you may migrate to Canada and build a bright career. There are several immigration pathways for foreign workers to move to Canada permanently and work here. These include Express Entry program, which is a federal immigration pathway, and Provincial Nominee Program, where provinces nominate eligible candidates for immigration to Canada. If you want to know more about the eligibility requirements and pathways for Canada immigration, please connect with CanApprove now.

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