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New Brunswick to invite more immigrants in next 3 years

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is planning to invite more immigration candidates to settle in the province in the next three years. The Progressive Conservative Party that came to power for a second time in this Canadian province, had promised in their election campaigns that if re-elected, they would continue to implement the five-year action plan of the government for population growth. Earlier, the New Brunswick government had announced their plan to attract 7500 immigrants by 2024. The Progressive Conservative Party has also revealed that they are aiming to attract 10000 immigrants to the province per year by 2027.

Francophone immigration to New Brunswick

The province is planning to increase the immigration of French-speaking people to the province, especially through the Provincial Nominee Program. As per the New Brunswick government’s plan, Francophones would constitute 33 percent of the total number of immigrants to the country. New Brunswick was planning to achieve this proportion this year, but was postponed. Now they have set this goal again.
According to Blaine Higgs, premier of New Brunswick, key to increasing the population in the province is attracting families and encouraging them to stay. The Progressive Conservative Party has set the target of retaining 75% for the next five years.


New Brunswick to attract youngsters

The Progressive Conservative Party government has plans to attract international students, professionals and skilled workers to the province and retain them, in cooperation with institutions of higher learning as well as professional associations.
The province is facing a shortage of skilled workers and it is predicted that over the next 10 years, close to 120,000 jobs in the province would remain unfilled. The reasons for this shortage of workers include low birth rate, an aging population and the rate of youth migration.
New Brunswick will be relying on immigrants to increase its population, as they have already helped the province to retain a steady growth since the 1990s. By increasing immigration, the province is hoping to increase population growth and meet the demand for skilled labour.
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