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Management Professionals- How can we help you in Immigration to Canada?

Management Professionals

Canada is facing aging demography in recent years and has devised to address the issue by increasing the foreign skilled worker immigrants to Canada. The country is attracting skilled worker Canada immigration, with jobs for Management Professionals among the top in-demand occupations through the Express Entry system.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to immigrate to Canada as a Management Professional.PNP finder NOC List Code for Management Professionals in Canada 

National Occupation Classification (NOC) list code combines in-demand occupations in Canada for job classification. Category 0 under NOC is related to management, project managers. 

NOC List Code Occupation  NOC
0211 Engineering Managers 0
0112 Human Resources Managers 0
0122 Investment Managers 0
0311 Managers in Health Care 0
0651 Customer Service Managers 0
0711 Construction Managers 0
0014 Senior managers – health, education, social and community services and membership organizations 0


Various Job Titles for Management Professionals in Canada

The demand for Management professionals in Canada are plenty and few job titles to fulfill these vacancies are listed below: 

Renewable Project Manager Administrators under various medical  services Corporate accounts manager – banking, credit, and investment
Energy Manager Directors under various medical services Corporate services manager – banking, credit, and investment
Green Building Project Manager Nursing care managers Investment manager – banking, credit and investment
Green Building Designer Accounts manager – banking, credit, and investment Operations manager – banking, credit, and investment
Energy Efficiency Program Manager Assistant operations manager – banking, credit, and investment Personal services manager – banking, credit, and investment
Energy Policy Analyst Assistant regional manager – banking Human resources administrator
Business Development/Marketing Manager Branch manager – banking, credit and investment Pay and benefits manager
Construction project coordinator Industrial construction manager Residential construction manager


Estimated Salary for Various Management Professionals in Canada

Canadian province like Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Manitoba and others have more requirements for management jobs and is dependent on foreign skilled workers to take up such positions. Based on the market trend, salaries under various business sectors are summarized as below:


IT Managers Approx. $150,000 per year
Energy Managers Approx. $90,000 per year
Healthcare Managers Approx. $87,000 per year
Finance Managers Approx $100,000 per year
Engineering Managers Approx. $100,000 per year



Work requirements for Management Professionals in Canada

There is no specific set of requirements for Management Professionals in Canada, however, education degree and work experience in niche areas of aspiring jobs may be required. General requirements are as follows: 

  • Completion of secondary school is usually required
  • A college diploma or vocational certificate in the subject of instruction may be required. A background in business, management, construction, science or technology will help.
  • 1-3 years of work experience in the service, some areas may require a mandatory experience in the role of a supervisor i. 

While there are institutes offering Canadian Project Management accreditations, having one is not necessarily a requirement to get a job, although it could help. Most important is that your qualifications are assessed for Canadian equivalency, so employers know they are getting someone qualified to Canadian standards. If accreditation is required for the specific job you are a candidate for, contact CanApprove, our expert team will help you.

Study requirements in Canada to become a Management Professional

Most colleges and universities offer it as a post-graduate program as Project Management ties together many different business fundamentals. You are required to have at least a two- or three-year diploma or degree from an accredited college or university to get admission. International students also require an IELTS overall band score of 6.5

Take our free online visa assessment for an up to date report on your best pathway to immigrate to Canada. 


How can we help in your Canadian immigration as a Management Professional?

The best possible step to begin your process of Canadian immigration is to calculate your Canada immigration points for Express Entry using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).  

Your Express Entry profile is scored and ranked with other profiles based on human capital factors like Age, Work Experience, Education, Proficiency in English or French. Apart from these, spouse’s adaptability skills, if applicable may also fetch you extra CRS points

Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) conducts fortnightly Express Entry nomination draws. Once you receive an ITA (Invitation to apply) from Canadian Immigration as a result of your Express Entry application you may get only 60 days to lodge a formal application for permanent residence in Canada. 

As your express entry profile will stay valid only for one year, make sure to present the best possible case right from the start. Contact CanApprove to help you out with boosting your Express Entry CRS scores.


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