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Great scope for Financial & Investment Analysts in Canada!

Financial Investment

Canada is all set to welcome at least 341,000 immigrants each year till the end of this decade to overcome its twin problem of aging demography & low birth rate. 

The job market in Canada to absorb talented and skilled professionals like Financial & Investment Analyst is ever in-demand. Here is a comprehensive to help you migrate to Canada

Types of Employers in Canada 

Financial and Investment analysts involve themselves in the collection and analysis of financial information such as economic forecasts, trading volumes and the movement of capital, financial backgrounds of companies, historical performances, and future trends of stocks, bonds, and other investment instruments. It is done to provide scientific financing advice for companies 

Immigration to Canada as a Financial analyst has a great scope in the private sector establishments including:

  • banks & trust companies
  • brokerage houses
  • insurance & underwriting companies
  • investment companies
  • manufacturing firms
  • utility companies

Immigration to Canada as an Investment analyst is employed primarily by brokerage houses and trust companies. There is equally a good scope for self-employed Investment Analysts in Canada. 


Various job titles recognized under NOC list code 1112

Skilled professionals like Financial & Investment Analysts all across the world stand an excellent chance to migrate to Canada under various job titles recognized under NOC list code 1112 such as tabulated below:    


Assistant financial analyst Cost financial analyst Portfolio manager
Bond analyst Financial analysis consultant Mutual fund analyst
Chartered financial analyst Financial analyst Securities analyst
Investment consultant Money market analyst Fiscal projections consultant


Related occupation under different NOC list code

  • NOC 4163: Economic Development Officers, (included with business development officers and marketing researchers and consultants)
  • NOC 4162: Economists
  • NOC 1113: Securities Agents, Investment Dealers, and Brokers

Migrate to Canada as a Financial & Investment Analyst

Financial & Investment Analysts over the world are eligible to migrate to Canada for better work opportunities & a high standard of living. Amongst 80+ economic immigration programs, Express Entry for Canada Residency is the most popular among most categories of foreign immigrants. 

Express Entry for Canada is not a visa class but an online database of interested candidates for a permanent residency visa. To migrate as a Financial & Investment Analyst, the Federal Skilled Worker visa and Provincial Nominee Program that is linked to the Express Entry system can be your most viable option. 

Each profile in the Express Entry system is scored & ranked on the basis of the Comprehensive Ranking System ( CRS) that factors in core human capital like age, education, work experience, language proficiency in English or French. Apart from it, a valid job offer before immigration, spouse adaptability skills or a provincial nomination may fetch you additional points towards the overall CRS score

To improve your CRS score or to know more options for Canadian immigration, take this free online assessment now!

Average salary of Financial & Investment Analysts in Canada

It is usual for a typical Financial & Investment Analyst in Canada to earn around CA $50,000 to $70,000 annually. It may exceed CA$92,000 in some regions. Below tabulated in region-wise average hourly wage: 

Alberta CA $44.86
Ontario CA$ 38.46
British Columbia CA$ 33.52
Quebec CA $32.00
New Brunswick CA $31.19
Manitoba CA$ 30.00
Nova Scotia CA$ 26.99

Employment requirements for Financial & Investment Analysts in Canada

A bachelor’s degree in commerce, business administration or economics and on-the-job training and industry courses and programs are mandatory for such occupation in Canada. 

Employers may also ask for:

  • A master’s degree in business administration (MBA) (concentration in finance) or in finance; or
  • The Chartered Investment Analyst (CFA) designation, available through a program conducted by the Institute of Chartered Investment Analysts in the United States, may be required by some employers; or
  • Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) designation from the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI)


Job duties of Financial & Investment Analysts in Canada:

Financial Analysts in Canada are required to perform the following duties:

  • Project analysis– Analyze the outlay projects and calculate varied financial risk, prepare financial forecasts, other documents concerned with capital management, and write reports and recommendations
  • Financial planning– Plan short- and long-term cash flows and evaluate financial performance. Advise in the financial aspects of contracts and tenders to follow on with financing projects with financial backers
  • They develop, implement and use tools for managing and analyzing financial portfolio


Investment Analysts in Canada are expected to perform the following duties:

  • Documentation: The investment analysts usually prepare the company’s industrial and economic outlooks, the logical reports.
  • Back-date analysis: They examine the financial and investment information collected earlier in detail, including profiles of various organizations,
  • Projections: They assign investment advice and recommendations to clients, senior company officials, pension fund managers, securities agents, and associates


Successful economic immigration to date in Canada has led to positive implications for immigration such as a supportive attitude towards immigration among natives, improved national economy, etc. Therefore, the scope for immigration as a Financial & Investment Analyst in Canada is tremendous and worth the shot. 

Contact CanApprove, a registered ICCRC immigration consultant to kick start your process of Canadian immigration. 


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