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Immigration boosts Canada’s population growth by 82 percent

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During the period between January and March 2020, immigration contributed 82 per cent of Canada’s population growth, a new study by Statistics Canada revealed. Canada’s population grew by 76000 during these three months. The population increase during the same period last year was 66000.
Immigration experts think that Canada’s immigration numbers this year would have been even stronger, if not affected by the coronavirus pandemic. There has been a drop in immigration numbers since March 2020 because of the travel restrictions imposed in the wake of the global pandemic. This has negatively affected in the population growth of the country during this period.
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However, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has revealed that the pandemic has not changed the Immigration Levels Plan of Canada. It is expected that immigration would be playing a stronger role in the population growth and economic growth of the country, once the pandemic is over.

Why Canada immigration will still be relevant?

It is true that the coronavirus pandemic has affected the Canadian economy and society in ways more than one. However, the demographic situation of Canada remains the same with a rapidly aging population and low birth rate. Canada’s birth rate is one of the lowest in the world and not enough to sustain a healthy population growth rate. A low population growth rate means an aging population and more strain on the economy as there would be less social spending with fewer consumers, taxpayers and workers.

If that happens, Canada government’s revenue would plunge and they would be unable to spend on healthcare for seniors. Further, the younger population tend to boost economic activity more compared to the seniors, as seniors spend less. It is estimated that close to nine million Canadian workers belonging to the baby boomer generation will be retiring by the age of 2030. Then there will be fewer workers to produce goods and services, drive economic activity and pay taxes. This is the reason why Canada needs immigrants to drive its economic growth during the post coronavirus-period.
Canada will need more immigrants once the pandemic situation is over. Start your preparation for Canada immigration right away, in order to make the most of opportunities that await you in your dream destination! Contact us for more information.

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