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Majority of Canadians think immigration to Canada helps economy grow, shows a new survey

immigration to Canada

Eight out of ten Canadians are of the opinion that immigrants help Canada economy to grow, according to a new survey. The public opinion survey with the name Focus Canada was conducted by the Environics Institute. According to the survey, the percentage of Canadians who disagree with the statement “there is too much immigration to Canada,” grew from 59 percent in April 2019 to 63 percent in October 2019. The percentage of those who agreed with the statement remained the same at 34 per cent.
The Environics Institute conducted the survey between October 7 and October 20, ahead of the Canada federal elections held on October 21. A total of 2008 Canadians took part in the survey.

“A growing majority of Canadians reject the idea that their country is accepting too many immigrants,” the survey found. The number of Canadians who support immigration is remarkably growing in Atlantic Canada, the Prairies and Quebec. In Atlantic Canada, 71 per cent of the respondents to the survey supported immigration. Those who favoured immigration to Canada were mainly youngsters and women. Highly educated and financially secure participants were also more likely to support immigration to Canada. The ones who had a negative opinion about immigration were those who were concerned about a potential job loss in their household.
Majority of those who held negative opinions regarding immigration to Canada were the supporters of the Conservative Party of Canada, while a whopping majority of the New Democratic Party had positive view regarding the immigration levels of Canada. At the same time, almost three in four Liberals supported Canada’s current immigration level.
Eighty percent of the participants in the survey held the opinion that “overall, immigration has a positive impact on the economy of Canada.” Only 16 per cent disagreed with the statement. In Atlantic Canada, the percentage of those who agreed with the statement was 82. In British Columbia, 84 per cent of the respondents agreed with the statement. In the Prairies and Alberta, the percentage of those who agreed with this statement was 76.
However, concerns about integration of immigrants to the Canadian society are growing among Canadians. Around 50 percent believe that “there are too many immigrants coming into this country who are not adopting Canadian values.” This is the lowest percentage recorded ever in Focus Canada surveys since 1993. But at the same time compared to the previous survey, the percentage of those who held this opinion came down by six points to 50 per cent in Quebec.
64 percent Canadians disagreed with the statement that “Canada accepts too many immigrants from racial minority groups.” According to the Environics Institute, “This reflects a significant shift in public attitudes since the 1990s when a majority of Canadians agreed with the statement.”
The education level of majority of those who held the view that Canada accepted too many immigrants from racial minority groups was less than a high school diploma and their household income was below CDN $30,000.
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