Employment in Canada witness fast recovery

Employment in Canada witnessed a sharp recovery in the month of June post coronavirus lockdown, found a study conducted by Statistics Canada. The study titled Survey of Employment, Payroll and Hours found that in May and June, employment in Canada returned to 9.2% of the pre-coronavirus levels. In March and April, the two months of coronavirus lockdown, employment in Canada had fallen by 15.7%. In the earlier economic downturns such as the recession in 2008, employment in Canada had taken two to five years to return to the pre-recession levels.But almost all provinces and all sectors in Canada witnessed a fast recovery in employment, according to the study.

Wages in Canada increase

The survey has also found that the average weekly earnings of Canadian employees increased in the month of May. Though the number of employees on payroll came down by 1.8%, the average weekly earnings rose by 2% to 1139 CAD in the month.

Employment in Canada: Recovery in different sectors

The payroll employment in the construction sector of Quebec was increased by 3.5% in May. Quebec is the only province that witnessed the construction sector rebounding post-coronavirus lockdown. The average weekly earnings in the construction sector also increased by 2.6% to 1315 CAD in May 2020, compared to the same month in 2019.
The employment loss in other economic sectors of Canada is also slowing down. In the retail sector, along with the decrease in employment losses, the recovery period also witnessed an increase in total hour of works. Certain other sectors witnessed an increase in payroll employment in the month of May. For vehicle and parts dealers, and building material and garden equipment supply dealers, the increase was about 4%.

Economic recovery of Canada

In the months of May and June, Canadian economy witnessed a fast recovery when the government eased the coronovirus-related lockdown restrictions. The recovery of the Canadian labour market was 40%. While the unemployment rate was 13.7% in May, it dropped to 12.3% in June. Close to 290,000 people returned to work in the month of May in Canada. Increase in the number of employment in June was a record 953,000 employees.
Canada is one of the few countries which witnessed a fast economic recovery post coronavirus lockdown. Find out more about the employment opportunities that await you in Canada by filling our free online assessment form.

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