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The scope of Canada tech immigration in 2020 and beyond

Canada tech immigration

Considering the unprecedented growth the tech sector of Canada witnessed in the recent years, 2020 appears to be the most favorable time for tech workers to migrate to the country. The technology sector in Canada is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. A major factor that propelled this growth is the favorable decisions taken by the government of Canada to promote tech immigration to the country. Today, Canadian tech industry has a turnover even higher than that of the Silicon Valley in the US.

With the growth of the tech sector, the demand for skilled tech professionals has also increased in Canada. Tech workers from across the globe also find Canada and ideal destination for immigration. Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Halifax are fast emerging as the major international centres of futuristic technologies such as AI and sustainable energy technology. Besides, several technology giants have identified Canada an emerging market for the tech industry and expanded their presence to the country.

In-demand tech jobs in Canada

Industry experts predict that the IT jobs that will remain the most in demand in the year 2020 include developer, programmer, quality assurance analyst, IT project manager, data analyst, IT business analyst, network administrators, software engineers, technical support specialist. Besides, skills such as Java, Linux, Python, C/C++, Java script, agile etc. will also remain the most in demand in Canada in the years to come.

Scope of Canada tech immigration

As the booming growth of the Canadian tech sector will continue in the years to come, the country is absolutely the right immigration destination for tech workers. While the US has tightened the immigration rules for tech workers, Canada is keen to welcome talented tech workers into the country. A few exclusive immigration programs have also been floated by Canada for international tech workers. The most important among these is the Global Talent Scheme under which tech workers can obtain temporary work permit within just two weeks. Provincial Nominee Programs(PNPs), especially that of British Columbia and Ontario, also have schemes exclusively meant for tech workers.

Compared to that of the US, the Canadian immigration process is simple, transparent and faster. The maximum time period that takes to obtain permanent residence in Canada is one or two years, while it takes almost 10 years to permanently immigrate to the US.
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