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Immigrant participation in Canada labour market returns to pre-pandemic levels

Canada Immigration

The immigrant participation in Canada labour market returned to pre-pandemic levels in July, found the Labour Force Survey conducted by Statistics Canada. The Survey also found that Canada added 94000 new jobs in the month. The employment rates in the country have also reached close to pre-pandemic levels, just 1.3 per cent lower compared to February 2020. Canada has brought down public health restrictions in the wake of the number of COVID-19 cases coming down owing to high rates of vaccination. This has led to more businesses opening up and thus more jobs being created. Most of the jobs were created in full-time work, mostly in private sector service industries. Unemployment in Canada also fell to 7.5 per cent in July, which is equal to that in March 2020. Rise in employment levels was especially witnessed in Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Immigrant employment in Canada

Interestingly, employment among ‘very recent immigrants’ or those who have landed in the country within the past five years has increased significantly, ever since the start of the pandemic. In July, the employment rate for very recent immigrants was up to 69.1 per cent. At the same time, employment rate among those immigrants who have been in Canada for more than five years was 58.1 percent. The number of very recent immigrants participating in the labour force has returned to 2019 levels, almost 4 per cent of the total labour force.

Why Canada needs immigrants?

Canada is depending on immigration to ensure the supply of skilled labour in the country. Immigration is also a strategy for the country to overcome various demographic challenges, such as an aging population and a low birth rate. In short, Canada is depending on immigration to ensure a sustainable growth for the economy.

With the country scaling back border restrictions, it is expected that immigration will increase in the coming months. Besides, Canada has set ambitious immigration targets for the years starting from 2021 till 2023. The country is expected to welcome more than one million immigrants during this period.

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