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Sharp increase in number of Indians immigrating to Canada

immigrating to Canada

Indian skilled workers are increasingly finding Canada a better alternative for the US, in the wake of the stricter immigration rules being introduced by the latter. As a result, the number of Indians immigrating to Canada has more than doubled since 2016, shows data. While in 2016, the number Indians immigrated to Canada was 39340, the number was increased to 80685 in 2019. According to the analysis of National Foundation of American Policy (NFAP) by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, these numbers indicate a 105% rise in the number of Indians immigrating to Canada.
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Reasons for rise in Indian immigration to Canada

The most important reason for Indians increasingly opting for Canada is the difficulty in getting H-1B visas. Besides, unlike the US, Canada has several immigration pathways for skilled workers to immigrate to the country that include Express Entry, PNP, etc. While Indians have to wait for years to become a resident in the US, in Canada, the application is processed even within a period of just six months. Under the Global Talent Stream of Canada, a skilled worker with a job offer from a Canadian employer can move to the country within just two weeks.
Canadian universities are also playing an important role in the increase in the number of immigrants from India. There was a 20% increase in the number of foreign students enrolled in Canadian universities in 2017. In 2018, it again rose by 16%. At the same time, the US universities declined more than 10% of the enrolment requests from international students during the period between 2015-2016 and 2018-2019. In Canada, it is easier for international students to obtain permanent residence. Contrary to this, the US is planning to restrict or completely eliminate Optional Practical Training (OPT), including STEM fields.
Further, Canada fully acknowledges the role that immigrants play in boosting the economy and ensuring a healthy population growth level. As the country is facing a shrinking labour force and an aging population, Canada needs immigrants to ensure supply of labour force and sustain the economic growth. So Canada will continue to welcome more immigrants in the years to come as well, which means aspiring Indian immigrants stand a better chance to make their dream come true.
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