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Canada is the most popular country to “move abroad”

move abroad

A recent survey has found that Canada topped the list of preferred countries for people who wanted to move abroad. The survey found that there has been a 29 per cent surge in Google searches across the globe of “how to move abroad” between January and October this year, compared to the same period last year.
A total of 101 countries were surveyed in the Google searches. People from 29 countries were found to be interested in moving to Canada. Those who searched about moving to Canada were mainly from countries in the southern part of the continent of Africa, India and Pakistan. People from Ireland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and France were also found to be searching on Google about the prospects of migrating to Canada.
The survey was conducted by Remitly, a company that lets users transfer money from desktops, tablets and mobile phones. The results of the survey named ‘Where the World Wants to Work’ were revealed last month. Canada was followed by Japan, Spain, Germany, Qatar and Australia as the popular countries to move abroad.

Why people who want to move abroad find Canada attractive?

Canada is a country known for beautiful scenery, a highly tolerant society, and peaceful environment. Canada always finds a prominent place in the Global Peace Index and is known across the world as a country which has a welcoming attitude towards immigrants. Low unemployment rates and a high amount of immigration options are the other factors that make Canada an attractive place to move abroad.  A recent Gallop poll has also revealed that Canada is the most welcoming country for immigrants.
Canada also has the highest score on Migrant Acceptance Index as per Gallup’s latest poll. In the survey held in 2019, Canadians were asked what they thought about immigrants residing in their country, living as their neighbours and marrying into their families. The survey found that Canadians were the most welcoming towards immigrants, with the highest score of 8.46.
For the coming three years, Canada has upped the immigration targets and the country is planning to welcome more than 400,000 candidates every year from 2021 to 2023. If you want to move to Canada in the coming years, start the preparations right away. To know your eligibility, talk to the immigration experts of CanApprove.

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