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October to shape the future of Canada immigration

immigration levels plan 2021-2023

The month of October will be crucial period as far as Canada immigration is concerned, with two major events that will shape the future of Canada immigration going to take place in the month.
First among these will be the mandate letter for Canada Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino, which will be written by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The letter will outline the priorities of Canada as far as immigration is concerned. The letter is expected to be released in the first week of October.
The second one is Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan for 2021-2023. The Plan will reveal Canada’s permanent residence targets for the next three years and it is expected to be announced by October 30th.

Mandate Letter for Mendicino

The mandate letter issued to the cabinet members by the Prime Minister aims to outline the responsibilities of each member. The letter to Mendicino will guide the minister with regard to the operations of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Usually, the mandate letter is issued only once in two or four years. Typically, it is issued when a new government assumes office or when a minister is assigned a new portfolio. But this is the second mandate letter being issued to cabinet members in 2020.
The speech from the throne in the start of the new session of Parliament on September 23 defined the new priorities of the Canada government in the wake of coronavirus pandemic. The speech reemphasized Canada’s goal of welcoming more immigrants for maintaining its economic growth. Likewise, the mandate letter is expected to make the immigration priorities of the country clear. Further, the letter is also expected to make clear how Canada’s immigration policy will adapt to the changed circumstances and how the applications will be processed in the wake of the pandemic.

Immigration Levels Plan 2021-2023

Canada is also going to announce its Immigration Levels Plan for a second time in the same year, which is also a rare occurrence. The announcement is expected on October 30th. Mendicino has reiterated Canada’s commitment to immigration on several occasions. This commitment is reflected in the ongoing Express Entry draws in which record levels of individuals are receiving invitations to apply for permanent residence.

COVID-19 impact on Canada’s immigration levels

Though the coronavirus pandemic has affected Canada’s immigration levels, it is expected that the country will return to high immigration levels soon. It is because Canada needs immigrants to support the growth of its economy. The speech from the throne also indicated that Canada is planning to return to high levels of immigration soon. But uncertainty still persists with regard to the number of immigrants, as the pandemic is seriously affecting the processing of the application as well as the landing process.
The new mandate letter as well as the Immigration Levels Plan for 2021-2023 will together clarify how fast the Canada immigration system will return to normalcy.
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