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Canada immigration ministers’ meet calls for a strong immigration system

Canada immigration system

Immigration is crucial for supporting the economic recovery of Canada in the post-pandemic period, opined the immigration ministers of Canada who met online on July 24 to discuss the impact of coronavirus on Canada immigration system.
All the ten provinces and three territories of Canada except Nunavut have agreements with the federal government to operate their own immigration programs for welcoming economic class immigrants. The representatives of both the provincial and federal governments often meet to discuss various matter related to immigration. The latest meeting had the ministers stand for a “strong immigration system”.

Besides the impact of coronavirus on immigration, the ministers also discussed in the meeting immigration levels planning as well as regional economic immigration. Further, they discussed approving the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Strategic Plan for Immigration 2020-2023, that would outline the priorities of the federal and provincial governments for immigration.

Impact of coronavirus on Canada immigration system

Though the Canada immigration system has slowed down owing to coronavirus, immigration is crucial for Canada, being a country that faces labour shortages in different sectors, as well as an aging population and low birthrate. Immigration ensures that Canada has a healthy population growth that they are able to have enough labour supply.


The meeting of immigration ministers in such a time clearly indicates that Canada is committed to keep its immigration system updated and ready to face new challenges. Despite the pandemic, both the federal and the provincial governments have welcomed immigrants through Express Entry and PNPs. It’s reassuring for the Canada immigration aspirants to know that the pandemic did not have a negative impact on Canada’s immigration system.
In a media release, Trevor Holder, the co-chair of the Forum of Ministers Responsible for Immigration, said, “Although we’ve had a disruption this year due to COVID-19, now is the time, more than ever, to work together to attract, welcome and retain new Canadians.”
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