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Canada is the best immigration destination for IT professionals

immigration destination for IT professionals

Canada is the best country to immigrate for Artificial Intelligence(AI) and information technology professionals, says a study released by the Center for Security and Emerging Technology. Canada provides clear pathways for entry and permanent residence to highly skilled foreign workers, according to the study.

The study examined how immigration helps the five countries–Canada, USA, Australia, the UK and France–to maintain competitiveness in the AI sector.  It found that Canada had the most versatile and flexible immigration system, well-suited for attracting international talents in AI.

The study predicts that this advantage will help Canada to attract more highly skilled workers and become a world leader in Artificial Intelligence in the years to come. Canada is home to some of the world’s leading AI organizations and companies, which operate across the country from Montreal to Vancouver.

Why is Canada the best choice for IT professionals?

Countries such as the US, the UK and France have work visa duration limits that range between three to six years. There is also a cap on the number of work visa renewals. But in Canada, there is no limit on the length of stay for temporary foreign workers as the duration of the work permit is determined by the employer.

Secondly, the processing time for work permits is less in Canada compared to the other two countries. In Canada, it takes only 2-8 weeks while in the other countries, one has to wait for several months for getting a work visa. Besides, Canada issues work permits throughout the year, while in the US, H1-B visa applicants have to wait for the annual lottery.

Further, Canada is the only country that allows workers with a visa or work permit to apply for permanent residence right away. In all other countries, the wait time varies between three and five years.

Canada immigration pathways for IT professionals

Canada offers more than 100+ immigration pathways to choose from. The main pathway for skilled workers is Express Entry, which manages applications for permanent residence under four major economic immigration programs of Canada. The applications are processed on the basis of Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and it takes six to nine months to complete the processing of the applications.

Provincial Nominee Programs is another option under which, Canadian provinces and territories can nominate immigration candidates with the skills and qualifications required for permanent residence in Canada. Provinces such as Ontario and British Columbia have exclusive immigration programs for foreign tech workers. Ontario Tech Pilot is for workers with work experience in one of the six tech occupations. At the same time, British Columbia Tech Pilot targets candidates with work experience in one of the 29 tech occupations.

The Global Talent Stream of Canada, launched in 2017, offers work visas for international tech workers within just two weeks.

Canada offers vast career options for AI and IT professionals to thrive. Know more about your options to move permanently to Canada. Contact us now!

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