Report calls for retaining Canada immigration levels high


In order to ensure the quick recovery of the country’s economy from the impact of COVID-19 crisis, Canada’s immigration levels must be kept high, said the RBC Economics report. Being an economy highly reliant on immigrants for growth, the travel restrictions may impact the country negatively, warns the report.
In 2019, immigration contributed 80 percent of the population growth of the country. In total, Canada welcomed 341000 permanent residents last year. The country’s immigration target for 2020 was up to 370000 newcomers. However, with travel restrictions still in place, it is highly unlikely that Canada would meet the immigration target for the current year.
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According to the RBC report, the decline in the immigration levels would impact a number of industries in Canada, which rely heavily on immigration for manpower. The impact will surely be evident on industries, housing markets and university budgets.
Stakeholders are urging the Canadian government to approach COVID-19 as a short-term crisis and not to deviate from the long-term strategy for growth fuelled by immigration.
Adaptability of Canada immigration system
Despite the COVID-19 crisis, Canada continues to invite and process applications for immigration. This has once again proved that immigration system of Canada is capable of adapting to crisis situations. A few important changes were introduced in the operations. One among these was the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) limiting the issuance of invitations through the Express Entry system to provincial nominee and  Canada Experience Class(CEC) candidates. The Provincial Nominee Programs have also shifted their focus to specific workers in skilled categories. Many immigration officials are currently working from home. All these changes were implemented successfully, which has once again proved the efficiency of the most modernized immigration system in the world.


The higher education institutions of Canada will also be affected by the drop in the number of international students enrolling in the current academic year. The Canadian universities and colleges are heavily reliant on the income in the form of tuition fees from international students. Further, these international students also have chances to become permanent residents in the country later. Overall, highlighting these issues, the RBC report drives the point home that immigration is indispensible for Canada’s growth
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