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US vs Canada: Why is Canada the right choice for immigration?


US President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order recently, which suspended the processing of applications for immigration to the US for the next 60 days, in the wake of COVID-19 crisis. The Order has excluded healthcare professionals and researchers who come to the US for helping to combat the crisis. However, the Order has instigated widespread criticism with his critics arguing that it has more to do with Trump’s propaganda ahead of the US Presidential elections than to the efforts to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.
The US immigration policies are totally opposite to the approach of Canada towards handling the COVID-19 crisis. Canada has made it clear that they would not be adopting steps such as suspension of immigration. The country recognizes the fact that immigration is a pivotal factor in its economic growth, which also supports the growth of its labour market. Notwithstanding the temporary restrictions imposed on travelling to the country, Canada still approves applications for permanent residence and holds draws inviting more people to apply for permanent residence.
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How Canada immigration system is different from that of US

Canada’s per capita intake of immigrants is three times higher than that of the US. While close to 60% immigrants to Canada are admitted through economic class immigration programs, the US admits only 10% under the economic class.  In Canada, provinces and territories have a major say in immigration and each of them have their own immigration programs. These programs help the provinces and territories to welcome immigrants based on their economic and demographic requirements. At the same time, in the US, states do not have any authority to welcome immigrants.

Canada’s commitment to Immigration Levels Plan

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, Canada remains committed to its Immigration Levels Plan for 2020-2022 released in March 2020. Canada still admits immigrants, international students and temporary foreign workers to the country. Taking into consideration the disruptions likely to be caused by the COVID-19 crisis, the applicants also get more time to submit complete application for immigration and required documents. More than anything else, Canada and its provinces continue to hold draws inviting eligible candidates to apply for Canada immigration.

Why immigration is important to Canada

Canada has an aging population and low birth rate. So in order to maintain high standards to living, Canada needs more young immigrants who can contribute towards the country’s economy as workers, consumers and taxpayers. Because of this reason, Canada promotes immigration to the country and integration of newcomers to the Canadian society.
Canada always keeps its doors open for immigrants. If you wish to enjoy high quality living and promising career opportunities that Canada has in store for you, start the preparations for Canada immigration right now! Fill our free online assessment form to check your eligibility.

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