Why is Canadian citizenship the most coveted?

Canadian citizenship

Canada is one of the major western countries where, the number of immigrants obtaining citizenship is remarkably high. The immigrants who come to Canada may apply for citizenship of the country, provided they meet certain requirements. For an immigrant, Canadian citizenship means having integrated well to the Canadian society. With the citizenship come the right to vote, contest elections and more than everything else, better employment opportunities.

Benefits of Canadian citizenship

Once an immigrant becomes a Canadian citizen, a lot more job opportunities which require a high level of security becomes accessible to them, including jobs at the federal level. Further, Canadian citizens can hold dual or multiple citizenships. It means, they can retain the citizenship of other countries even after they become a Canadian citizen. Further, children born in Canada to parents who are Canadian citizens naturally become Canadian citizens without having to apply for the same.
The Canadian passport is one of the most coveted passports in the world that allow the holder to travel to a number of countries without a visa or make it easier to obtain a visa of another country, if required. Moreover, a Canadian passport helps to bring down the problems which the immigrants might encounter while entering Canada. Studies have proven that acquiring citizenship leads to increase in immigrants’ earnings as well as labour market outcomes.

Eligibility requirements to obtain Canadian citizenship:

The eligibility requirements to obtain Canadian citizenship include:

  • Permanent resident status in Canada
  • The candidate must have lived in Canada for at least three years in the five years before applying for citizenship
  • The applicant must be able to communicate well in either or in French, one of the official languages of Canada
  • The candidate must not have a criminal history

They need to clear a test, in order to prove that they are aware of the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens and that they have basic knowledge about the country’s geography, political system and history.
Unlike many other immigration destinations, Canada encourages eligible immigrants to become citizens of the country. They offer settlement services to immigrants that later enable them to obtain Canadian citizenship.
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