Canada to remain an attractive destination for immigrants

Canada to remain an attractive destination

Canada has been an attractive destination for skilled immigrants from across the world even before the onset of the pandemic. The major factors that make Canada a desirable place to settle in are high standards of living, more economic opportunities, an open immigration system and a welcoming attitude towards immigrants. Many international students who reach Canada for higher studies also choose to settle in the country. The reasons they cite include a tolerant society, absence of discrimination and safety.


Impact of COVID-19 on Canada immigration

However, the pandemic has brought out certain challenges that may undermine Canada’s position as a favourite immigration destination. These include the delay in processing applications and travel restrictions to the country that still remain in place. Further, just like the economy of any other country, the pandemic has affected the Canadian economy as well and it is a challenge for the country to bring the economic growth back on track.

The best destination for immigration

But despite these challenges, Canada still remains an attractive destination for immigrants. The surveys conducted by World Education Services(WES) in 2020 found that after the onset of the pandemic, the interest in immigrating to Canada has increased all over the world. The immigration aspirants think that the economic condition of Canada will be better than that of their own country. A reason for this is the fiscal stimulus injected by the government to support people and employers and help them recover from the economic impact of COVID-19. Further, it is widely believed that Canada would recover from the pandemic sooner than other countries owing to the accelerated vaccine drive being conducted. When the vaccination drives in both Canada and the US are completed, the border restrictions can be eased and it will give boost to the growth of Canadian economy. Further, these countries would also be able to help other countries in vaccinating their populations, which will boost the global economy.

In the coming years, Canada will be admitting more immigration candidates. As per the Immigration Levels Plan of Canada for 2021-23, more than 400000 new immigrants will enter the country every year. Because of all these reasons, it is expected that Canada would remain an attractive destination for immigrants in the years to come too.

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