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Median entry wage for new immigrants to Canada hits a record

immigrants to Canada 2021

The median entry wage for new immigrants to Canada hit the highest in 2018, revealed a report of Statistics Canada published in February 1.
New immigrants to Canada reported a median entry wage of $30,100 in 2018, just one year after coming to the country. In 2017, the median entry wage for new immigrants who had come to Canada in 2016 was $26,500, which was also a record. The report also shows that the gap between the median wages of immigrants and Canadians has also been declined.

Reasons for high median entry wages among immigrants to Canada

Among the new immigrants to Canada, median entry wages were the highest for those who had both a study and work permit, at $44000, and those who had only work permit, at $39,100. The median entry wages of both these groups have surpassed that of Canadians.
There are certain socio-economic factors that determined higher wages for immigrants to Canada 2021, which included language proficiency, previous work experience and admission category.

Previous experience of immigrants to Canada

Another possible reason for higher entry wages for immigrants is their pre-admission experience in Canada. Compared to previous years, in 2017, more immigrants who were admitted to Canada had previous work or study experience in Canada. According to the report, “Pre-admission experience, which can provide immigrants with language skills and knowledge of the job market, can help immigrants to Canada 2021settle more quickly than those with no pre-admission experience.”

Provinces’ retention rates of immigrants to Canada

Immigrants who had worked in Canada prior to obtaining PR, preferred to stay in the province of admission, showed the report. After five years of landing, around 87 per cent of immigrants to Canada 2021 were still in their initial province. Ontario had the highest provincial retention rate, followed by Alberta and British Columbia.
Similar retention rates were found among those who had come to Canada in 2008 even 10 years after admission. The highest rates were recorded by Ontario, followed by Alberta and British Columbia. Work permits holders were most likely to stay in the province of their admission. In Canada, overall retention rate after 10 years was 85.4 per cent.
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