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80 percent of skilled immigrants successful in finding a job in Canada

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A study conducted by the World Education Services (WES) society has found that more than 80 percent of skilled workers who migrate to Canada are successful in finding a job. A vast majority of the jobs the skilled immigrants land in are permanent positions, according to the study.
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Two-third of the skilled workers who arrive in Canada find a job within three months, while 74 percent of the newcomers get a job within six months. The report was compiled after conducting a survey of more than 6400 skilled workers, which was completed in 2018. The survey report highlights the successful transition of Canada’s immigration system based on labour market shortages to the one which focuses on selecting highly-skilled, well-educated immigrants for migrating to the country. A major factor that gave a significant boost for this transition has been the Express Entry system. Introduced in 2015, the Express Entry system aims to select candidates with the potential to economically establish in Canada to migrate to the country.
The WES prepared the report based on a survey held on 2018 of 6,402 permanent residents who had applied for an Education Credential Assessment (ECA) between 2013 and 2015. According to the report, young candidates with prior experience in Canada are more likely to get placed than older candidates with no prior experience. The highest rate of employment was recorded among candidates who migrated to Canada through the Canada Experience Class (CEC) immigration program. The report says that CEC candidates were 2.4 times more likely to get placed, compared to other candidates. Majority of the candidates who migrated to Canada through CEC and got placed had previous experience in food industry. At the same time, the highest proportion of Federal Skilled Worker candidates who got placed had previous work experience in the health sector.

The report has suggested introducing ‘competency-informed assessments’ to help immigrant job seekers find jobs that better align with their skills and qualifications. Another recommendation of the report is to “deliver realistic, specific, targeted, accurate, and timely employment information to prospective and recent immigrants.” The report also appreciated Canada’s move towards ‘profession-specific bridging programs’, provided by provinces. It further sought more efforts to find out what kind of help immigrants need to get placed in a regulated occupation. “All those working toward the integration of skilled immigrants need to collectively identify which specific employment services and service delivery models lead to the best results for skilled immigrant job seekers,” states the report.
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