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Canada issues new guidelines for permanent residence applicants

Canada PR Guideline

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has issued a set of new guidelines for permanent residence applicants who plan to arrive in the country in the coming months. Many of the new permanent residents have been finding it a challenge to immigrate to Canada as the COVID-19 outbreak has seriously affected their plans.
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Canada continues intake of permanent residents

Despite the restrictions imposed in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak, Canada is continuing to accept new permanent residents. The IRCC has informed in the guidelines that incomplete files with missing documents will be retained for 90 days. At the same time, complete applications will be processed as per the normal procedure. However, those applicants who are unable to submit the required documents along with the application must submit an explanation that they could not provide the required documents because of the service restrictions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. If the applicant fails to submit an explanation for an incomplete application or cite reasons other than the interruptions caused by the pandemic will have their application rejected.

Principal applicants in Canada

If the principal applicants for permanent residence are in Canada and their dependents are abroad, delays are likely to occur in the processing of the application. Further, the principal applicant will not be awarded permanent residence if their dependents are abroad and unable to travel. They will be informed about the next steps when it is possible to travel to the country again.

Candidates approved CoPRs and PRVs

If those PR applicants who hold a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR) or Permanent Residence Visa(PRV) cannot travel to Canada before the document expires, they must inform the same to the IRCC using a web form. If their COPR and PRVs have expired and they have already informed the IRCC about their inability or unwillingness to travel, their files will be re-opened and reviewed within 90 days.

Reopening of applications

The application will be reopened if the applicant informs the IRCC via the Web that the application can be reopened for re-approval. The applicant and their family members must have passed immigration medical examinations, criminal and security checks and hold valid passports in order to obtain re-approval.
If the 60-day waiting period has passed and the applicant has still not informed IRCC that they are able to travel, a note must be added to the application for consideration after an additional 60 days.
Canada continues to accept applications for PR as well as process applications. If you are thinking about migrating to Canada, you may start the preparations right away! Fill our free online assessment form to know more about your options for Canada migration.

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