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List of Canada PNP for Permanent Residence Visa

Canada PNP

Canada is an immigration-friendly North American country that is divided into ten provinces and three territories. The province of Quebec has a separate program for migrating Skilled Workers which is different from programs that nine other provinces and two territories of Canada offer. Such Canada PNP offered by most provinces and territories of Canada is the best alternative to immigration for Permanent Residence status in Canada.

Any eligible overseas immigrants may enter Canada through Federal Express Entry system, Atlantic Immigration Pilot, Start-up Visa, Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, Family Sponsorship, Quebec selected skilled worker program, Canada PNP and also few other legal means.

Provincial Nominee Program or Canada PNP is an opportunity for immigration of skilled, semi-skilled workers, business-oriented immigrants, graduates willing to pursue higher education and also willing to permanently settle down in Canada for mutual benefits. Such Canada PNP is run autonomously by the provinces and territories of Canada by keeping in sync with the liberal immigration policy of the federal government.

How is Canada PNP the best alternative immigration system in place?

Canada has planned to target 61,000 immigration candidates in 2019 alone and there are immediate plans to increase the same by 67,800 in 2020 and 71,300 in 2021. Leaving the target figures aside, minor reforms such as target reduction for 2019 made by Quebec in its immigration policies have opened up Canada PNP for consideration of aspiring overseas immigrants to Canada.

Below is a list of various Canada PNP offered by nine provinces and two territories of Canada along with their entry streams. A stream indicates a group of immigrants that the program wants to target specifically.

Canadian Province Canada PNP Entry Stream

●     Alberta Opportunity Stream

●     Alberta Express Entry Stream

●     Self-Employed Farmer Stream

British Columbia

●     Skills Immigration

●     Express Entry British Columbia

●     Entrepreneur Immigration


●     Skilled Worker Stream

●     Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

●     Business Investor Stream (formerly MPNP-B)

●     Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative

●     International Education Stream

Nova Scotia

●     Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry

●     Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

●     Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities

●     Skilled Worker Stream

●     Entrepreneur Stream

●     International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

●     Physician Stream

●     Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

New Brunswick

●     Express Entry Labour Market Stream

●     Skilled Workers with Employer Support

●     Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream

●     Entrepreneurial Stream

●     Skilled Workers with Family Support

●     Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Newfoundland & Labrador

●     Newfoundland and Labrador Express Entry Skilled Worker

●     Skilled Worker Category

●     International Graduate Category

●     International Entrepreneur Category

●     International Graduate Entrepreneur Category

●     Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Northwest Territories

●     Employer-Driven Program

●     Skilled Worker

●     Business Immigration Program


●     Human Capital Category

●     Employer Job Offer Category

●     Business Category

Prince Edward Island

●     PEI PNP Express Entry

●     Labour Impact Category

●     Business Impact Category


●     International Skilled Worker Category

●     Saskatchewan Experience Category

●     Entrepreneur and Farm Category


●     Yukon Express Entry (YEE)  (with Job offer)

●     Skilled Worker

●     Critical Impact Worker

●     Business Nominee

Canada is eyeing to welcome over a million foreign workers in the upcoming three years. Due to the severe labour shortage across different sectors, nominations under Canada PNP in several provinces have seen an upward trend. The nomination allocations under Canada PNP are ever-increasing in the province of Ontario and British Columbia at 6,900 and 6,500 respectively.

Alberta Province:

Canada PNP of Alberta has an overwhelming nomination allocations target of 6,000 for 2019 alone. Nearly 2,476 nominations have already been issued by the provincial authorities as of June 17.

Canada PNP in Alberta is also known as The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP). Express Entry linked with AINP made 3,554 invitations available to apply in 2019 so far with ranking scores as low as 300. Such a low score indicates easier access for more overseas immigrants to enter Canada.

Alberta is located on the western side of Canada. It has a population of about 4,068,00 and is the fourth-most populated province. The economy of Alberta is driven by oil, natural gas industries. The surrounding boreal forests and wide plains provide excellent forestry and tourism activities.

British Columbia:

2018 target of British Columbia stood at 3,100 nominations to its Canada PNP Express entry linked immigration program. Majority of nominations, nearly 1,999 went to candidates under the Skilled Worker category. This year’s allocations under Canada PNP of British Columbia is around 6,500 nominations.

British Columbia is also issuing weekly invitations outside the Express Entry System under other skilled workers categories.

Another western province located between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean in Canada is British Columbia. It is slightly larger than Alberta in terms of population. It’s capital city Victoria is the 15th most populous metropolitan region in the country. The economy of British Columbia is dependent on the primary sector, such as logging and mining. Service industry and construction jobs have been flourishing recently.


Canada PNP of Manitoba province, also known as The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) issued a total of 1,952 nominations in 2019 so far. The streams under Skilled Worker in Manitoba and Skilled Worker Overseas received nearly 99% of the nominations made.

Manitoba has an estimated population of around 1.3 million people. The subarctic province of Canada has some warm and humid continental regions in its southern part. The economy of Manitoba is dependent on industries like mining, forestry, and agriculture. The tourism industry is quite active for its subarctic location. Culturally, Manitoba is diverse as over 200 different languages are spoken throughout the province.

Nova Scotia:

Labour Market Priorities stream under its version of Canada PNP has issued a large number of nomination for immigration. Recently, a new Occupation in Demand Stream for intermediate-skilled workers with specific work experience was introduced to increase nominations for immigration.

The provincial authority has used its Canada PNP to issue invitations to Express Entry candidates with work experience as financial auditors and accountants and early childhood educators and assistants.

The province welcomes a total of 5,970 new permanent residents in 2018 alone. The data on nominations issued in 2018 shows a total 1,400 invitations issued under Canada PNP of Nova Scotia. Majority of invites were extended to three Express Entry-linked streams.

Nova Scotia is located on the Atlantic Coast of Canada and it is the second-smallest province in terms of area. The ocean influence on Nova Scotia keeps the summer warm. The economy of Nova Scotia has traditionally lagged behind the rest of Canada in terms of growth. It is dependent on defence and aerospace industries. Agriculture and fishing activities have primarily been present in the province.

New Brunswick:

New Brunswick is unique for being the only bilingual province in Canada. Over 30% of the population in New Brunswick speaks French whereas the rest has adapted to English. This Atlantic province is hardly the size of Ireland or the Czech Republic yet it is densely forested.

New Brunswick is one of the smallest provinces in Canada in terms of size. Its demography is slowly ageing with just about 750,000 residents in the province providing an incentive for local authorities to invite aspiring overseas immigrants through its Canada PNP.

The Express Entry connected PNP has issued notifications to those who do not have job offer from province, but with experience in high demand occupations like NOC 6311, 6314 etc under Labour Market Priority Stream. Also issued notification for those who have French Language as first Language.

Newfoundland and Labrador:

Newfoundland and Labrador have an estimated population of 528,000 people and is located in the eastern-most part of Canada. The main activity of the province is fishing, but lately, mining, oil refining, tourism industries have developed thus providing a good scope for immigrants.

Northwest Territories:

Canada PNP of Northwest Territories is becoming popular as it is currently home only to about 40,000 people. The population of Northwest Territories mainly depend upon the mining activities, driving foreign business-oriented immigrants, other skilled workers through its Canada PNP.


Ontario through its Canada PNP has record nomination allocations at 6900 this year. The province issued nearly half of all invitations to its Canada PNP Express entry linked immigration program last year.

Ontario hosts nearly 40% of entire Canada’s population and its capital city Toronto belongs to this province. The province’s economy specializes in finance, manufacturing, education. It is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants.

Prince Edward Island:

Prince Edward Island through its Canada PNP has issued a total of 565 invitations in 2019 so far. Though the island is sparsely populated, it has contributed proportionately high to Canada’s population growth.

The economy of the province is dependent on aerospace and bioscience industries. Several IT and game development companies also are situated here. Therefore, the province is ideal for skilled workers, business-oriented immigrants.


Saskatchewan province has issued 898 invitations to Express Entry candidates, and 1,196 went to candidates in the Occupation In-Demand sub-category through its Canada PNP draws so far in 2019.

Saskatchewan hosts a population of about 1,090,000 people. It has varied climates ranging from subarctic, cold semi-arid and warm semi-humid continental. The economy is based on forestry, agriculture activities followed by potash and uranium mining.


Yukon is located near to Alaska and is not densely populated. Its economy is based on manufacturing, clothing, hydroelectricity, fishing. Most of the industries here are government-run firms. Yukon through its Canada PNP attracts foreign skilled workers, business-oriented immigrants to boost its local economy.

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